Author: Desmond Brown

JAMAICA – Fewer Jamaicans being denied entry into Trinidad

The number of Jamaicans being denied entry into Trinidad and Tobago continues to decline. Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamina Johnson Smith disclosed that 289 Jamaicans were refused entry by the twin-island republic in 2017, a reduction from the 416 in 2016. “According to the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA), 63 Jamaican nationals were denied […]

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Let’s celebrate our National Heroes – Part 1

Clement Osbourne Payne The Right Excellent Clement Osbourne Payne is regarded by some as the “apostle” of trade unionism in Barbados, urging workers to “Educate, agitate, but not to violate”. Known for his fiery, powerful speeches, Payne sought to educate the poor working masses on the importance of coming together and resisting the elite white […]

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