“People are living in fear and cowering in their homes.  The hopelessness that has swept over this country is so profound.”
This observation from former Prime Minister and Opposition MP for St. Peter, Owen Arthur, who on Sunday strongly urged Barbadians to “take back your country; [and] do not let this society fail.”
In what he described a show of support for Opposition leader Mia Mottley’s motion of No Confidence in Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler, Arthur said he had come to let Mottley know that she did, in fact, have a stronger case than he did in the 1990s.
“I know what it is to bring a no confidence motion before a parliament to remove a government that was not fit to govern.  And Mia Mottley I tell you and the people of this Barbados Labour Party and all Barbados, The case that [you] are bringing now is really stronger than the case that I [had] brought,” he said to massive cheers and applause from the large crowd gathered in Queen’s Park for the opposition rally.
In support of his argument, Arthur noted that Sinckler had said on the floor of parliament that the problem with the economy was that there was a loss of confidence at home and abroad.
“However, he [Sinckler] proceeded to go overseas to float a $1.3 billion bond where there was no confidence in Barbados abroad.

“If there is no confidence in Barbados at home, by [his] admission, and there is no confidence in Barbados abroad by the action of the international financier … what is left for a serious opposition to tell the public through our parliament, the rest of the world is telling us,” Arthur said.