“Whether it is someone asking you to breakdown money for them or it is the change you receive after completing a transaction, take a moment to check your money before you put it in your purse or pocket,” said Octavia Gibson, the deputy director of the Bank’s currency division.
barbados dolllllShe also advised tellers and cashiers that they should not feel pressured into not checking the money they receive “because the line is long or because a customer is trying to rush you”, since “checking the notes you receive takes less time than running a credit or debit card transaction.
“The key is to be familiar with the security features of Barbadian banknotes. The better you know them, the faster you can authenticate any note you receive.” Gibson said, listing some of the resources the Central Bank has to help the public get to know their notes.
“We have detailed information on the Central Bank’s website and we also have booklets, flyers, and posters that we make available free of charge. We also conduct training sessions upon request for companies and other groups. We encourage everyone to learn the security features of our notes, and most critically, to use what you have learnt to protect yourself from counterfeiters,” she added.