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Bajans rush to ring in 2020 in style

by Barbados Today
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The City was a hive of activity today as Barbadians pulled out all the stops to ensure they look their best when they attend the 2019 Old Year’s Night events.

Whether they planned to start 2020 in church, at a party, or just watching fireworks, Bajans rushed to purchase their outfits.

Barbers, hairdressers and nail technicians also recorded a busy day, as clients queued up to get that finishing touch.

When a Barbados TODAY team visited Bridgetown today, storeowners reported steady sales.

Merchants said they noticed customers had started their shopping for Old Year’s Night since last Friday.

Sales Assistant at Harmony, Shynella Kowlessar said that shoppers were outside the store waiting before the doors opened at 8:30 a.m.

She said they were not only looking for outfits to wear to Old Year’s Night events, but they also purchased clothing to have a fresh look when they return to work in the New Year.

“We have been busy since this morning. We actually had people waiting outside the store to come in, and we are opening until 5 p.m. today. And we have specials going on for our customers,” Kowlessar said.

Manager of B Sharp textile store, which reopened its doors a few weeks ago after being destroyed by fire last September, reported a slight increase in sales over the past two days.

The manager said she noticed that ladies were purchasing shimmery clothing.

“I find that shoppers are more liberal this year in terms of the glitter. They are buying the shimmery jumpers, rompers, and dresses. They are not shying away from the shimmery clothing and that is good because it also give us the scope to experiment with bringing in different fashions in the future,” she said.

Employees at Abeds remained busy throughout the day as Barbadians and tourists alike took advantage of the store’s 20 per cent discount sale “of the decade”.

Managing Director Eddy Abed said that while the sale was held annually, it was well received this year.

“We find that people are buying clothes and fabric for work. We are finding people are buying stuff obviously for Old Year’s Night. We are finding people are taking advantage and buying things for the home because of the discount.

“And generally we are seeing tourists as well; both short-stay passengers off the cruise ships and long-stay visitors who have come to Bridgetown. So, I am extremely happy,” Abed said.

However, the story was different for one street vendor who called herself Sweet Tangerines. She said though she set up her table of party paraphernalia early, sales had been slow.

“Sales have been going very slow. People came from yesterday just looking and saying that they will be coming back today. So I am hoping that by this evening I sell what I don’t get sold now,” the vendor said.

An official at the Bionic Man Shop said men were mainly purchasing suits and dress shoes.

“The men are looking to achieve that formal look. I also noticed that they are buying the waistcoats and bow ties. So, yes, we have been having a busy day,” the official said.

Workers at J’s Beauty Box in Richmond Gap, Eagle Hall were occupied helping clients achieve their desired hairstyles.

They said the salon opened around 9 a.m. and would not be closing until the last client left contented.

Meanwhile, at Touch of Colour Nail Studio, nail technician Anderson Greaves said his appointment book was not packed for the day since the majority of his clients had their nails done for Christmas.

“I was pretty busy during Christmas time. I would say for a good two weeks, it was pretty hectic. I worked long hours into night; all through to minutes to 12 I was working. But Old Year’s Day is not like years gone by because honestly the market is flooded right now.

“Years ago, from November work would be just flowing because of the Christmas parties and the award ceremonies. But you got to do what you got to; everybody must have piece of the cake,” Greaves said.

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