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‘Loving little girl’ remembered

by Anesta Henry
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A teenaged girl, hailed by many as a loving and respectful gem, succumbed to injuries today at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) where she had been rushed less than 19 hours before with stab wounds to her abdomen.

Nineteen-year-old Shaundra Davidson had reportedly been stabbed by a ten-year-old relative but her former neighbours maintain that the loving individual they watched grow up in Nelson Street, did not deserve to die in such horrific circumstances.

According to a police report, on Tuesday, August 11, about 3:15 p.m, officers responded to a report at Waterhall Land, St Michael where Shaundra had received injuries to her abdomen reportedly inflicted by a juvenile. She was taken to the QEH by ambulance. She passed away around 11 a.m. today.

When Barbados TODAY visited the Nelson Street area where Shaundra spent most of her life, residents were distraught and outraged at her untimely death.

Shaundra Davidson

They shared many sad stories about what they described as a developing situation which eventually led to the young woman losing her life

Ayoka Springer described Shaundra as a precious gem who showed great care and compassion and respected her elders.

She said she has not slept since hearing that Shaundra was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon.

“She shouldn’t have to be rushed to no hospital in any ambulance because of a stab wound.

“She had respect for everybody, she never disrespected nobody. She was the most loving person you could ever come across. She could pass you ten times and she would say good morning, evening, good night, whatever time of the day it is. She was a very loving little girl. I cannot say anything bad about her,” Springer said.

She said she assisted with nurturing and caring for Shaundra when she and her family lived just across the street, before they moved to Waterhall Land. Springer explained that the teenager spent the past few weeks in Nelson Street, and only returned home over the weekend.

According to the neighbour, she pleaded with the teen not to return home because she was aware of a certain situation.

“I beg this little girl not to go home. I see this happening you know. I told my mother about this last week. I am sorry that this little girl gone. The girl sit down and cry and tell me ‘aunty I can’t take this no more’. I told her ‘baby girl, you are a big girl, look for little work and get out. I would help her. This little girl could never suffer out here.

“She was never a bad girl to disrespect anybody. We could not let her suffer. It hurt me to the core but I feel she is in a better place now and that is the truth. The little girl at rest, that is all I can say. I am sorry it happened and I will miss her because that is my girl. There is nothing I had that she could not get.”

Another resident who did not give her name suggested that if necessary steps were taken many years ago, Shaundra would still be alive.

“That girl should not be dead today. This should not have gotten to this point. But sometimes people ignore things from when children small and that leads to bigger things. We should not be mourning that girl’s death; we should be celebrating something good she do to push forward herself. But look now, Shaundra gone. All I got to tell parents is don’t ever favour one child over the next and play wunna ignoring troubling signs,” the resident said.

Shopkeeper Jacqueline Roach said Shaundra was a very nice child who addressed adults as aunty and uncle.

“She was a really nice child. I was good friends with her grandmother and I know her mother from the time she was a little girl. This thing got me so good, I ain’t sleep last night,” Roach said.

When Barbados TODAY went to Waterhall Land, nobody was at the house where the tragedy took place. However, one elderly resident who lives nearby, said she was shocked and struggling to come to grips with the incident because just recently she saw the Shaundra and the young relative walking down the road, embracing each other, heading to a nearby fast food outlet.

“I am sorry for the mother, that is the truth. I sorry for all of them, but I sorry for the mother. I hope that nothing don’t go wrong with the mother,” the elderly resident said.

Police are continuing investigations. anestahenry@barbadostoday.bb

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