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Eleven female entrepreneurs get tips to be successful

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Eleven successful participants of the Personal and Economic Empowerment of Women (PEEW) graduated from the program on Sunday, June 25th, 2022, at their showcase and graduation ceremony, which was held at Courtyard by Marriott, Garrison, St Michael.

The female entrepreneurs whose businesses range from Property Management to Culinary Arts showcased their products and services from as early as 4 p.m. to persons “who came to give them their support.

Natalia Morgan who is the owner of Kiros Variety 246 detailed the participants’ experience over the past twelve weeks stating one of the most interesting classes for the female entrepreneurs was the digital marketing component as they learned how to market their businesses
on social media.

“Over the past twelve weeks, we were able to familiarize ourselves with budgeting skills, tools to manage our businesses more effectively, learn and understand the value and concept of pricing, focus on our main ideas for our businesses and who our targeted demographic is.

‘The focus on marketing our businesses through technology via social media was another major point of interest as we were shown the steps to place our small businesses on social media platforms as well as following through with posting quality content through our varied channels,” she said.

Morgan said that all of the participants have left the program with coherent information on the steps to further their businesses and some of the graduates have already used some of the concepts they would have learned
in their businesses.

“We have all come away with new knowledge around what a business entails or we can say that we have enhanced the knowledge that we already have to take our businesses to higher heights. For some of us, we have already begun to implement some of the information that we have learned into our respective businesses during the duration of the program.

‘Most of us have changed our thinking from seeing our businesses just as a side hustle into a profitable and manageable business and pushing our businesses to their optimum capacity,” she said.

The owner of Kiros Variety 246 said that the interaction between her peers and the tutors created a comfortable learning environment that allowed them to reach their maximum potential.

“The interaction with the tutors as well as each other created a very comfortable and easy learning environment as there was no wrong answer or no bad question as we were all there to learn from each other and assist each other throughout the journey.

“It was rewarding to be in a room with like-minded individuals and influential beings and discuss mental issues as mothers, parents, heads of households and now effective breadwinners. [PEEW Program] has also assisted us with better management skills in terms of time management and balancing life as a whole and still be an effective business person,” she said.

The patrons of the event were treated to short videos where the students recounted their experiences in the program and shared a bit about their products and services. Members of the audience thoroughly enjoyed the presentations as they were able to see first-hand the growth of these entrepreneurial women who have grown leaps and bounds since becoming a part of the PEEW Program a mere twelve weeks ago.

Development Specialist at Caribbean Policy Research Centre (CPDC) who sponsored the Personal and Economic Empowerment of Women Program, Geneva Oliverie, said CPDC remained committed to ensuring that the most vulnerable in the society have programmes that could assist them with their social and economic empowerment.

“CPDC has sought to alleviate many of the effects of the [COVID-19] pandemic on marginalised sectors. It is against these unwavering impacts on the most vulnerable communities that CPDC would have garnered funding support from the European Union and implemented the project: Strengthening Civil Society’s Capacity to Alleviate the Impact of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Communities in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

Under the project we sought to provide critical solutions to Non-Governmental Organisations and their beneficiaries with the overall aim to foster positive social change in the lives of the marginalised through job creation and employment development initiatives and also to provide a new strategy utilising community-sensitive approaches to encourage entrepreneurship,” she said.

Oliverie thanked Pinelands Creative Workshop for their dedication to ensuring that marginalised persons in Barbados can have a wide range of developmental opportunities which provide them with the infrastructure to improve their socio-economic standing. She congratulated the graduates for their dedication and commitment to their business development.

Delivering the featured address was Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Culture, Senator Dr. Shantal Munro-Knight who told the women that their businesses are an integral part of Barbados’ economic development. She implored them to use the skills that they have learnt during the past twelve weeks to become exemplary female entrepreneurs.

Chief Executive Officer of Pinelands Creative Workshop Sophia Greaves-Broome told the graduates that they should continue their learning and capitalize on the ever-changing business environment.

“I am glad you have arrived at your first destination but do not let this be your final stop. Adopt the right mindset to continue to adapt, change and continuously invest in you and your learning, so that you can capitalize on the changing business environment.

“The hardest thing in life is to recognize an opportunity and you did that and I am sure that you were glad you took that call from Financial Executive Officer Shelly Durant-Forde on that day. As my former CEO [Rodney Grant] always drilled in our heads and I now I share it with you, “Let no obstacles be greater than the cause,” she said. (Write Right PR Services).

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