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Barbados Today has one of the largest and most active online audiences on the island. We will place your messaging and products right where you need it to be – in front of your target audience! Let us deliver proven results for all of your digital campaigns.

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Digital Platforms

We offer numerous ways to advertise your brand. Take a look at the places where you can make the most of your advertising budget.

Available Options:

Facebook – Audience 194K+ 

Instagram – Audience 121.9K+

Twitter – Audience 20.7K+

Website – Monthly Pageviews 4.3M+

Barbados Today E-Paper – Monthly Pageviews 3.2M+

YouTube – Audience 17.6K 

WhatsApp – Subscribers 3.6K

Email – Subscribers 37K

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Increase Your Reach Today!

No reach? No problem! Barbados Today has a large global audience and we can help you to connect with thousands of viewers, enabling you to market to a large audience. No matter the distance, we can get your message there!

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Your Analytics Matter!

Data Analytics is essential in achieving improved performance of your digital campaigns. This ensures quality and consistency every time you run a campaign with us.

We ensure that our reporting leads to better decision making for your business!

Our reporting includes authentic data analytics, which highlights the key performance indicators that matter to your business; giving you more insights through greater access to your data.

We provide reports with a focus on the KPIs that matter and will reveal opportunities to increase your revenue!

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