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Tourist dies at Enterprise Beach

Police are reporting that an American visitor died while at Enterprise Beach, Christ Church, on Sunday January 6. He has been identified as 59-year-old Aaron Cofield who was staying in the same area. According to lawmen he died around 1:30p.m.

New Year workout

The guilt of overindulging this Christmas season is driving Barbadians to an early workout, as gyms are reporting increased bookings for the month of January. For most businesses, the first month of the year represents a lull after the financial windfall of the Christmas season; however for gyms and fitness centres the reverse seems to […]

Health and sneakers at West Terrace

Today was dubbed Sneakers Day in Barbados, and nowhere else was it more apparent than at the West Terrace Primary School in St James. Decked out in their games clothes and white shoes, students observed the day in commemoration with Caribbean Wellness Day, which will be held tomorrow. Lisa Bailey, a member of the National […]

COLUMN – Herbal remedy

Herbal medicines. They can be found in health stores, supermarkets, gyms, and even the vendors’ tray at the vegetable market. From all accounts, in Barbados and around the world, this “traditional” form of medication is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many today, as people often make self-medication decisions, based on information from the Internet, […]

COLUMN – Eating what we grow

If you were to ask a child, any child, where fruits and vegetables come from, chances are they might say the supermarket. Understanding where these foods come from, and how they get to the supermarket shelf, experts say, is essential for children to understand their nutritional values. According to the nutritionists, the more exposure and […]

One touch saves a life

Almost daily technology is revolutionizing our world and particularly in the health sector, medical devices are saving and improving lives. No longer are these devices exclusive to the bigger countries, they are right at our fingertips. At the touch of a button, the elderly and other vulnerable people can summon emergency help using the safe […]

COLUMN – Asthma –– will happen but can be treated

Asthma sufferers make up more than a quarter of the people being rushed to the emergency unit of the Queen Elizabeth hospital every year, but careful self-management by patients and by family could reduce that number. And while health officials concede that emergency prevention is easier said than done, owing to a number of factors, […]

Heart diseases affecting more young people

  President of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Humphrey Metzgen, says more young people are falling victim to heart diseases, and this is being blamed on a less active lifestyle and poor eating habits. Marking the Foundation’s 30th anniversary with a church service at the People’s Cathedral, Metzgen said there is concern about poor diets […]

COLUMN – Tackling our NDCs for good

Don’t use too much salt in your diet. Drink more water. Lessen your sugar intake. Cut back on fatty foods, and junk foods. Increase your physical activity; etcetera, etcetera. The list can go on for a mile, simply on account of non-communicable diseases or NCDs, as they are most commonly known; or, better yet, the […]

COLUMN – Food safety is a must!

A good meal is a delight, but we hardly ever spare a thought on whether our food is safe as we settle down to enjoy the melting pot of flavours. And, we can easily become sick if our food has in it harmful chemicals or germs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), food safety […]

Wellness medicine is key

The importance of rest, exercise and good nutrition cannot be overemphasized if Barbados is to avoid the ever-increasing costs of secondary and tertiary health care, says Dr Brian Charles. In giving details on the wellness programme which he is offering as managing director of Coverley Medical Centre, Charles says the public health care which generations […]

COLUMN – Beating diabetes

Barbados can beat diabetes; and that’s no myth. Our health practitioners, armed with research, have been consistently trying to persuade us that this silent killer can be stopped in its tracks –– not by more drugs or surgery –– but by simple changes in our lifestyle. But the message has been seemingly lost on most […]

COLUMN – Benefits of that early PSA

Professor Richard Wassersug, 68, is a champion for early screening to detect cancer, because he has lived with the dreaded disease. Sixteen years ago, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer; but after successful treatment, he is a proud survivor focused on helping patients and families adapt to the side effects of cancer treatment. “I was […]

Choose to live well

Worldwide, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) take the lives of over 38 million people annually, and, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), they represent the greatest public health threat ever known to man. In fact, according to the WHO, millions are dying prematurely –– in their 30s 40 and 50s. Barbadians are among that vast number, and, […]

COLUMN – Veg and fruit your better bet

Most people know it’s important to eat fruit and vegetables every day to stay healthy; yet most fall short of filling up with these goodies loaded with nutrients. “We don’t eat enough, and we don’t serve enough. We look at them as something that we basically sprinkle on our food,” says Donna Barker, a nutritionist […]

COLUMN – The battle of the bulge

We’re just two weeks into the New Year, and some of us are still regretting our Christmas splurge on those high calorie delights that have left behind that annoying lingering bulge and a fresh resolution to lose weight. It’s everyone’s wish to have the perfect body weight, and, according to fitness professional and Little League […]

Early detection

Every week in Barbados, as much as three women are being diagnosed with breast cancer. “That is an increase,” says Dr Shirley Jhagroo, the Medical Co-ordinator of the Breast Screening Programme of the Barbados Cancer Society. “At the Breast Screening Clinic over the last two years, we have found an average of one new case […]