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Street preachers stand firm

Street preachers in the UK are being arrested on a regular basis. One of them has been arrested no fewer than five times for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets. And each time he has been acquitted! In his last run-in with the law earlier this year, Mike Overd was “preaching in […]

Wellness more than just physical – (Part 1)

The National Workplace Wellness Policy, a recently approved national-level workplace wellness policy at the parliamentary level as noted by Minister of Labour and Social Partnership Relations Colin Jordan, has gained tremendous attention in both the media and other key social spaces including private and public sector organisations, trade unions, and academia. Dr Dwayne Devonish, lead […]

Protecting the deep blue sea

‘What on Earth is BBNJ?’, you are probably asking right now. It stands for Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction. And the question should probably be ‘What on Ocean…?, since 71 per cent of our planet is covered by ocean. Of that, 64 per cent (40 per cent of the entire surface of Earth) is in Areas […]

Name and blame the polluters

Climate Change is no longer a future event. It is here, now and real. Planet Earth, mankind’s common homeland, appears to be already locked into 1.5C of warming, once hoped to be the top limit of human-caused climate change. The world is now set to storm its way through the 2C limit set by the […]

Regulators and Cryptocurrencies : A lost cause?

Since the introduction of the first cryptocurrency on the Blockchain, namely Bitcoin in 2009 Governments, Central Banks, commercial banks and regulators have started to wake up and respond to the perceived threat of a new form or type of money. The fear is these Cryptocurrencies based on a permission less Blockchain will reduce state influence […]

People’s assemblies and participatory governance

An American statesman once said that Americans needed to improve the ‘promise’ of their democracy by first improving the ‘practice’ of their democracy. The Barbados Labour Party Government has announced the establishment of the Thorne Commission on Local Governance to fashion ‘community-based People’s participatory governance structures.’ The ostensible purpose is to give the citizenry a […]

To supplement or not?

Watching your cholesterol levels is a smart idea, especially since one in three people have high levels of “bad” cholesterol: low-density lipoprotein (LDL). If you’re facing an increased risk for high cholesterol and you’re struggling to manage it, you might consider reaching for supplements or other over-the-counter products. But you should think twice before you […]

Concerns on my mind

There are a few bits that I want to inquire about this week. The first one has to do with an outstanding environmental issue. The second asks some questions related to blood donation in Barbados and the third has to do with opening up safe spaces among women for conversations about health and wellness. Whither […]

Pharmacists are indispensable

I have always been fascinated by pharmacology and its related disciplines. If I did not become a doctor, I believe that I would have chosen to be a housewife or a pharmacist. I know that there are no connections between those two careers (I count being a housewife as a career) but those are my […]

Awesome Fusion

Barbados TODAY’S A View from London comes to you this week from the sunny streets of the Rock. And what a week it has been! The Crop Over festival is well into third gear and promises to be fairly special this year when it gets into overdrive within the next two weeks. I visited an […]

Full support for green spaces

There is a teaching in our faith traditions that instructs us that even if the last hour of this world approaches and one is holding a palm shoot, then plant it. The emphasis here is on planting trees and vegetation regardless of the situation one finds oneself in. In another positive instruction we are told: […]

Marijuana denied

I recently attended a conference on medical marijuana in order to become more informed on the current state of knowledge. For the past three decades, I have found discussing marijuana use to be an emotional subject for some, which rarely ends well if there is disagreement. Nevertheless, into the octagon I go. The Bible teaches […]

Beauty and brains

Reigning Miss World Barbados 2018 Ashley Lashley is the founder of Schools Against Non-Communicable Diseases. The former student of The Lodge School who was a finalist in the Miss World Competition held in Sanya, China spoke to Positive Vibes about her journey and her passion to educate young people about the effects of non-communicable diseases […]

Reparations – Part 2

The matter of reparations for the descendants of the African slaves whose labour went uncompensated for four centuries deserves to be examined. Even after slavery ended, much exploitation continued, due to rampant institutional racism and the effects emanating therefrom. The economic cost of this may run into the tens of trillions of dollars. The question […]

Listen on World Listening Day

Shhh… do you hear that? Close your mouth and eyes. Open your ears and pay attention. It’s the sound of World Listening Day approaching; it’s an annual global event held every July 18. The 2019 theme is Listening With created by internationally acclaimed sound artiste Annea Lockwood. “Listening with an awareness that all around […]

More reflections on life

“He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness; For His name’s sake.” – Psalm 23:3 Age has an effect on our eyes, just like it does on our joints and other parts of our bodies. When I reached my 40s, the natural internal lenses in my eyes became less flexible. They […]

In defence of Venezuela

In September last year, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro kindly invited the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms Michelle Bachelet, to come and visit the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This visit concluded a few days ago and opened a channel of communication between the Venezuelan State and the Office of the High Commissioner. While in Venezuela, […]

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