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John King

#BTEditorial – Really no need to crucify Minister John King

The Minister of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports John King’s recent admonition to retrenched Barbadian workers to stop dwelling on their loss of unemployment, understandably created quite a national uproar. He was accused of insensitivity and arrogance among other things. Mr King subsequently apologized while indicating that his comments on the retrenchment process had been […]

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#BTEditorial – LGBTQI victory as CCJ upholds rights

Exactly one week since the people of Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada unjustifiably rejected the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), it today handed down another landmark ruling that will have a significant bearing on Caribbean jurisprudence. In a much-anticipated ruling, the regional court declared Section 153 (xlvii) of Guyana’s Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act unconstitutional and […]

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#BTEditorial – Growth of women’s Cricket gives us reason to be proud

Women’s cricket has been around for centuries. Females in cricket can be traced to the 18th century in places such as Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey in England. It was perhaps a novelty for many then and not taken seriously by most. Previously, the evolution of women’s cricket was understandably not at a pace akin to […]

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#BTEditorial – Get your act together, NIS

Government’s latest decision to retrench 1,500 public servant workers as part of its Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan has put an extra strain on our social security systems. Indeed, some NIS employees are among those sent home in the past weeks. But this latest series of layoffs, while unfortunate, has provided the perfect […]

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#BTEditorial – On giving us our daily bread

In recent months, the country has been trying to come to terms with the last administration’s economic quagmire, and how to get out of it with belt-tightening and sacrifice. Over the last two weeks in particular, the pain of austerity hit home for scores of families as layoffs began.  Anxiety has no doubt spread across […]

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#BTEditorial – Lessons not learned; back to square one

The Government of Barbados is currently undertaking a retrenchment programme that is very much guided by the dictates of the International Monetary Fund, and in an economic situation where the Mia Mottley administration has very little choice. Hopefully, from this experience, valuable lessons will be learned by those displaced, by those still under the employ […]

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#BTEditorial – Found loitering on colonial premises

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) went on trial today and the verdict is in. An incredible, outrageous NO vote by voters in Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada. The turned their backs on this pioneer institution of Caribbean jurisprudence as their highest court, opting instead to remain at the mercy of law lords in the […]

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#BTEditorial – An object lesson in democracy

As voters in the United States prepare to vote for a raft of senators, congressional representatives, governors, other public officials and on a variety of referenda, the toxicity that passes for public discourse is troubling for the world’s richest democracy. But for our democracy, which is older, it has too long been par for the […]

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Bravo, Dwayne! And thank you

The news of Dwayne John Bravo’s decision to quit all forms of international cricket last week hardly came as a surprise to most people. It had been over two years since the 35-year-old Trinidadian represented the West Indies in a T20 international, more than four years since he last played in a One Day International, […]

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#BTEditorial – No mere ‘trust fund babies’ but a new culture

Yesterday, Government delivered on its promise to provide a financial lifeline to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs with the establishment of a ten-million-dollar Trust Loan Fund. We welcome this move in a climate of austerity where scores have lost their jobs in the public sector and are now anxious to put their skills to gainful […]

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Usain Bolt is about to score his first goal.

#BTEditorial – Is Usain Bolt’s football pursuit tainting his legacy?

Usain Bolt is not only a Jamaican superstar; he is a Caribbean icon. He took the pride and respect of millions of West Indians with him whenever he graced the athletics tracks across the globe. His illustrious career was celebrated by all of us. Now that he has retired, Mr. Bolt at the age of […]

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#BTEditorial – A new course for cannabis

The absurd, cruel depths to which our Government has gone to turn entire generations of young people into common criminals for merely possessing small amounts of the herb ganja simply has to end. The State – made up of fellow Barbadians – has blighted futures, ruined reputations, and foreshortened the careers and contributions of a […]

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Public sector reform: Once more, with feeling

The first round of layoffs in the public sector is almost at an end, and for the country at large it has been an unpleasant exercise. There really is no easy way to dull the pain of sending workers to the proverbial breadline. We commiserate with those who have lost their jobs, even as we […]

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#BTEditorial – A road tax that no one needs to pay

Most of us understand that more often than not, improvement usually comes at a cost. If a bodybuilder wants that perfectly sculpted body, he must train extremely hard and maintain a strict diet; if you are saving up for that new car or house, sacrifices have to be made financially; in the pursuit of further […]

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#BTEditorial – Shadow gone

An unmistakable void now mars the Caribbean’s dynamic cultural landscape. And we weren’t prepared for it, though it is doubtful that we ever could. Just as his moniker suggests, The Mighty Shadow quietly made his exit on Tuesday, leaving family, friends, fans, admirers, and critics alike to wish one last time for the richness of […]

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#BTEditorial – Retrenchment is painless for those signing the cheques

In reality, there is hardly a painless way to remove any individual from his or her employment. We are certain that the present retrenchment exercise being carried out across the public service is causing Prime Minister Mia Mottley significant grief. Undoubtedly, as she has stated, she would have preferred to have a prevailing economic situation […]

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Fire destroyed this home in Sion Hill, St James this morning, leaving eight people homeless.

#BTEditorial – It’s time for mandatory fire insurance

It has been a tragic October for almost 40 Barbadians. That’s the number of people who lost their homes and possessions to fire. This weekend was particularly tough. In St John, 10 residents at Haven, White Hall of Massiah Street were left homeless after a fire destroyed their residence. No one was home at the time […]

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