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#BTEditorial – Ending our plastic love affair

For more than a year, Barbadians have had to wean themselves off plastic bags. In another two months, our divorce from single-use plastics will become final. From April 1, the importation, retail, sale and use of petroleum-based single-use products – plastic cups, knives, forks, spoons, stirrers, straws, plates and Styrofoam containers – will be banned. […]

#BTEditorial – Barbados expects

The Caribbean is a natural magnet for some of the world’s wealthiest and most well-heeled people. From Oprah to one or two ex-presidents of the United States or prime ministers of the United Kingdom, a princess, and stars of stage and screen and sport, they have all used the Caribbean, and this island especially, as […]


#BTEditorial – Time to revisit NIS rules re the self-employed

Employment followed a basic pattern 50 years ago. People left school, went into a company or the public service and stayed in their chosen profession until retirement. Sometimes they stayed in the same position, but on occasion they got a chance to move up the corporate ladder, all with the calm reassurance that owing to […]

#BTEditorial – PM Mia Mottley showing that inertia is not an option

If there is one thing that can be said about Prime Minister Mia Mottley thus far, it is that she is not afraid to make tough decisions. Following a violent start to 2019, which saw three deaths recorded in eight days, Mottley yesterday took a decision to relieve one of her ministers of some of […]

#BTEditorial – End child alcohol and drug abuse

The revelations about the high use of alcohol and illicit drugs among our school children are enough to make any right-thinking adult shudder. Admittedly, the fact of child drug abuse is not new, but we are all too familiar with the information deficit on such critical social issues. But that’s no reason to dismiss the […]

Police conducting investigations at Glendairy Road, St Michael.

#BTEditorial – Too much posturing and lip-service on crime

If Barbadians are not yet aware that gun-related crime in this country is now at a crisis stage, then we are inhabited by a legion of Rip Van Winkles. And though the hierarchy of the Royal Barbados Police Force is always quick to state that the situation is under control – which it is basically […]

Operators on the 3D Bridgetown-Airport route went on strike this morning, claiming that the current set up placed them at a disadvantage.

#BTEditorial – Is the Transport Authority the final answer to our public transport challenges?

Did the Government of the day move too fast when it got rid of the bus concessionaires and inadvertently created a public transportation model with no real sense of organization some 40 years ago? Under that old system, those bus companies were assigned to certain routes in specific parts of the country, but after that […]

#BTEditorial – GSC – please send it to the bin

It should be clear to anyone who has lived, breathed and had their being in this country since the early 1990s that the International Financial Institutions have been trying relentlessly to shove their winner-take-all, neoliberal economic orthodoxy down our throats. Indeed, many here have begun to repeat their mantras with a devotion of cult members […]

#BTEditorial – Mr Cameron has a lot to explain on the Richard Pybus issue

Yet again president of Cricket West Indies (CWI) Dave Cameron has presided over another gaffe. This time it is the controversial appointment of Englishman Richard Pybus to the position of head coach of the West Indies team. He was recently selected to lead the regional side in the upcoming home series against England, the Triangular Series […]

#BTEditorial – Ending the ‘Eleven-plus’ ritual

As primary school class four students, fresh from the Christmas holiday break, prepare for the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination, commonly known as the Common Entrance Examination, in May, comes a loud call for the abolition of the ’11-plus’ – the old ‘screening test’. Professor of Education and Director of the School of Education at […]

A large crowd gathered at the scene where Oscar Hamblin was shot dead in The City.

#BTEditorial – For Oscar Hamblin’s sake

We are not ten days into the Year of Our Lord 2019 and already someone has taken that which he can neither give nor replace, a human life. The last year ended with as many murders as the year before. And already, we pass over the details of the snuffing out of the first slain […]

#BTEditorial – Beware when searching for “greener pastures”

Leaving one’s homeland to seek fortune in greener pastures abroad is a dream shared by millions the world over, especially in poorer countries whose poor seek a better life. Many are willing to take advantage of any work opportunity presented to them, either by word of mouth or media. Once they settle in, stay on […]

#BTEditorial – Food comes first

Rumours of the demise of the food emporium and product label Carmeta’s, run by the state-owned farming agency, BADMC, are, we are happy to report, greatly exaggerated. We pondered whether the label, named for our most famous food promoter, the late Carmeta Fraser, would be consigned to the dump, together with the still nascent notion […]

#BTEditorial – Towards a new route for Public Service Vehicles

Just four days into the New Year another strike is on the horizon. And once again, a lack of communication is at the centre of the latest dispute between the Transport Authority and Public Service Vehicle workers. With the row over myriad issues, some operators have signalled their intention to intensify their protest if their […]

#BTEditorial – Let’s get serious about our waste management

“Two million tonnes a day, that’s what Barbados throws away.” The lyrics of the jingle advertising the Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre (SBRC) for the last two years contain a not-so-fun fact. But for the past year, what Barbadians have thrown away has remained outside their homes, often scattered by stray dogs, cats and other animals, […]

#BTEditorial – Sleeping and turning our cheeks on crime

It is perhaps one of the existing ironies in Barbados that while we complain daily about increasing violent criminality on the island, our systems are seemingly bent on making life easier for criminal elements. Of course, there are many across professions and social strata doing their best to wrestle the scourge of violent gun crimes […]

#BTEditorial – Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

It’s the final few hours of 2018 and most of us are either reminiscing on the highs and lows of the past 365 days that seemingly went by in a blur or we are busy making New Year plans to achieve our heart’s desires in 2019. Whatever side you are on, if you are reading […]

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