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#BTEditorial – Who will take the lead in dealing with this mess?  

One day coming soon a murder accused is going to walk out of the Magistrate’s Court in Barbados a free man having not answered to the court for his alleged criminal act. And somewhere in Barbados there will be gnashing of teeth as the family of the victim ponders on how Barbados’ judicial system could […]

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Kim Ramsay

#BTEditorial – Getting to grips on guns

No sooner than respected criminologist Kim Ramsay warned that gun violence in Barbados was an epidemic than the disturbing reality surfaced. 24 hours later residents in the inner-city community of New Orleans were cowering in fear as brazen masked gunmen opened fire indiscriminately in a weekend shooting spree, terrifying residents and a nation. Mercifully, no […]

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West Indies Women to take on South Africa at Kensington Oval.

#BTEditorial – We Too. Rally ‘round West Indies Women

The crowd was small. Appreciative. Very. But too small, given the purpose and promise of the event and its key players. They saw the first of two victories in three days at Kensington Oval for the World T20 champions, West Indies Women – ranked at number four in the ICC World Championship. First, they crushed […]

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#BTEditorial – Plastics don’t have to be forever

A landmark announcement was made today without much fanfare, but its impact is a big plus for Barbados, today and tomorrow. Government will ban the single use of plastics and styrofoam on April 1, 2019. The decision couldn’t have come sooner for this small island development state staring the impact of climate change in the […]

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Director of Finance and Economic Affairs Ian Carrington.

#BTEditorial – How did we get back here?

If ever we could not see that Barbados remains mired in deep economic agony, the blinkers must have fallen off yesterday. The cold, stark reality was laid out by Director of Finance and Planning Ian Carrington in his characteristically blunt manner as the Government rolled out its debt restructuring programme. “Let us be clear, Barbados […]

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#BTEditorial – Heed the words of wisdom from Minister Forde

If one wanted further evidence that many of our young men – and women – are under siege, it was provided by St Thomas Member of Parliament Miss Cynthia Forde during debate on an amendment to the Offences Against The Person Act in the Lower House yesterday. It has been previously pointed out by the hierarchy of […]

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#BTEditorial – Many hands make light work of cleaning up Bim

A drive or a walk through Brittons Hill, St Michael and surrounding communities since last weekend has yielded a sight for sore eyes. No more derelict vehicles, strewn garbage bags, styrofoam containers, plastic bottles, discarded wood or galvanize, rotten beds, broken televisions, fridges and overgrown bush. For now, Brittons Hill fairly sparkles with cleanliness. Saturday’s […]

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#BTEditorial – Economic Man, remember Social Man

For all of the blunders of the last administration in the management of the Barbados economy – and these errors were as multiple as they were near-fatal to the futures of thousands upon thousands of citizens – the Freundel Stuart administration was not half-wrong on this point if no other – Barbados is a society, […]

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Nigel Adams

#BTEditorial – We need to prepare long before the high winds come

The construction of a house is a major undertaking and investment for most if not every homeowner in Barbados. And this is true whether that house is to be found in the lofty heights and terraces or in some simple urban or rural village. The comforts might be magnified depending on the financial strength of […]

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#BTEditorial – Making room for Daddy

Minister in the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development Charles Griffith this week stirred up an age-old but relevant debate about the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. As Parliament examined legislation to abolish the mandatory death sentence for murder, the St John MP took the debate beyond the obvious issues […]

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#BTEditorial – A Bajan tragedy – tribute to Stephen ‘Molly’ Small

“The last thing I did was touch my son’s toes and my son wriggle he toes in my hand and when I [went] back my child did [dead]. I am not going to tell you a lie but God hold me from then till now, He tell me ‘don’t cry any more. I take him […]

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Ninja Man

#BTEditorial – Vulnerabilities, justice and Ninja Man

Magistrate Douglas Frederick has shown himself to be an excellent judicial officer. Indeed, from all reports, Mr Frederick is considered by many in and outside his circles as one of the very best in the country. He not only dispenses justice, but he has demonstrated a willingness to temper justice with mercy when required, and […]

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#BTEditorial – September, Remember  

June 1 and the start of the hurricane season may be a distance memory for most, especially with virtually no activity over the last two months. But in rolls September and out goes that false sense of security that we have nothing to worry about. September, historically the most active month of the hurricane season, […]

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#BTEditorial – Disband the Transport Board

The 5th century Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea is credited with devising a set of philosophical problems known as Zeno’s paradoxes in support of Parmenides’ doctrine that despite what one’s senses say, the belief in plurality and change is mistaken, and motion is nothing but an illusion. Parmenides, himself a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, explained in […]

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#BTEditorial – Changing an old, old story

The irony is not lost on us that a tiny nation that shares a unique distinction with Japan as having the highest number of centenarians per capita on earth would not make more noise as it observes Senior Citizens Month. The celebrations in honour of this nation’s builders got off to their usual yawn-filled start […]

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#BTEditorial – Let’s not rob our children of their innocence

Long before there was a United Nations there were children. Long before there was a United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child there were obviously children. The care of children – in most cases – is dictated by love, good instinct, common sense and all those other factors that make parents, guardians and […]

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#BTEditorial – Reflecting on the first 100 days of our new Government

Having lived through the previous ten years of Democratic Labour Party rule and equally experiencing first-hand the first 100 days of the new Mia Mottley-led Barbados Labour Party regime, we cannot in good conscience agree with Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn that the current Government should be issued with a failing grade, or that its performance […]

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