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Benefits for businesses

For the last three days Barbados was the centre of attention in Caribbean and Latin American small business circles. Probably to the envy of many of its regional counterparts, the island attracted more than 1,000 participants as it became the first English-speaking Caribbean country to host the Inter-American Forum on Micro-enterprise, better known as FOROMIC. […]

Hope for project?

Whither the Four Seasons Project?

Question of leadership

These are interesting political times for both the ruling Democratic Labour Party and the Opposition Barbados Labour Party, as well as for some of the main protagonists to be found in the two institutions. As the weeks progress toward the inevitable calling of a general election, the question of leadership will be discussed more and […]

Grab hold of opportunity

As the country observes Education Month which begins today, and celebrates its teachers, there is a need to pause and reflect on what has been achieved over the last 50 years of free education. Apart from the misnomer that education is free, Barbados’ achievements on the educational sphere have been plenty. We have doctors, lecturers, […]

We thank you, Jones

Sports administration can be a lonely and thankless place. And when you are the head of an organisation overseeing the most widely played sport in the land your task is even more difficult – often nigh impossible. There are few in Barbados who would know this more than outgoing Barbados Football Association President Ronald Jones. […]

Counting the cost

“…You can see how many people want to nurse the government and by the time all of this is finished our nipples are bound to be very sore, but we will do our best in the interests of the people of Barbados. It’s an obligation from which we cannot escape” – Prime Minister Freundel Stuart […]

Violence in God's name

One does not have to be Marxist to appreciate, if not be governed by the saying: “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. One should not have to be a non-believer to surmise that the violent turmoil in the Middle East over the satirizing of Muslim prophet Muhammad in film is unnecessary. One does not […]

Lessons learnt?

A confirmed 35 deaths, 8,000 homes destroyed, and 20,000 people left homeless. Unless you are keen student of Barbadian history, have an elderly relative who related their first hand experience, or are otherwise enlightened, these statistics might mean very little to you. In fact, they might appear foreign to the point that you think to […]

Spotlight on Alzheimer’s

“I was telling someone the other day that I think Alzheimer’s may be even worse than cancer. At least (with) cancer there is pain and when you’re gone, you’re gone, but you can have Alzheimer’s for 10 years, 20 years and just be there withering away. It is a very frightening disease.” These heartfelt words […]

Bearing the burden

It is often said that when the United States sneezes Barbados catches a cold. In recent times that statement has been often used within the context of economic matters, although there are some who would suggest the impact of American culture over recent decades has been more pervasive. On this occasion we speak of it […]

Election certainty

Our legislators both in the Lower and Upper Chambers of Parliament have served this nation well.

Relief fund not enough

Barbados minus a vibrant tourism sector equals economic heartache. That is no exaggeration, as the past four years of hard times, inclusive of depressed earnings from the island’s main sector, have shown. If that was not bad enough those in the sector and the populace generally received an unwelcomed dose of reality this past week. […]

Time to lead

There is no doubt that the national momentum for the increased utilisation of renewable sources of energy in our daily power generation capacity is picking up. About that we should be proud. But it is also clear that there is some disconnect between our talk and our actions. What’s clear is that Government is finally […]

The violent avenue

We don’t know that commonsense comes in colour, class or shades of religion. Commonsense just is. However, to truly appreciate the actions of any group or individuals, we believe that you must be able to put yourself in their shoes — understand their background and culture and what drives their thinking. In this part of […]

Right to dignity

It is often said that among Caribbean people Barbadians are the most passive. Our colleagues from the other islands often appear shocked at what we tolerate from our leaders and various sectors in our community — doing so without so much as a whisper. On the other hand, there are some emotional issues, which though […]

Promises and priorities

There is no doubt that, by and large, Barbados has managed the protection and distribution of its potable water supply well — that is, if you are able to separate the leaking mains of the Barbados Water Authority from the total equation. For decades Barbadians all over the world have boasted about the quality of […]

A new path

The need for education reform has been the frequent chorus over the past weeks from a variety of sources. The fashioning of a new Education Act is now the mandate of stakeholders. At last Friday’s consultation at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Chief Education Officer Laurie King spoke about the necessity for accountability within the […]

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