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Stadium for all

Since Junior Kadooment last weekend some questions have been raised about the wisdom of spending millions of dollars to install a new athletics track at the national stadium, only to subject it to exceptional stress weeks later.

A new daydawns soon

Last week the Caribbean Court of Justice announced that in about two months, on October 4, to be precise, it will deliver its judgement in the Shanique Myrie case.

What pride and industry?

We know that our children who are or were involved in scouting, guiding or the cadet movement know the National Anthem of Barbados

Life after festival

This weekend signals the last lap of Crop-Over 2013.

Change of culture

The uneasy relationship between labour and employer is once again in focus in Barbados.

Children crying out

It is quite understandable why adults today so easily dismiss children and the issues of childhood.

Catching the fever

With the two biggest weeks of Crop-Over 2013 upon us, we are still hearing too many Barbadians complain they have not yet caught the festival fever.

Prison mistakes

Today we wish to offer congratulations to the Barbados Government Information Service, and officer Lisa Bayley for an excellent series of television programmes highlighting life at Dodds Prison in St. Philip.

One step forward

Yesterday afternoon, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy, supported by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, met members of the Press at Government headquarters in a much anticipated news briefing.

Unions need fresh guard

It would not take a lot of examination to arrive at the conclusion that the days immediately ahead for the trade union movement in Barbados are likely to be rocky.
The current social and economic climate makes a very bold statement on this.
How our

Oh no, Lashley!

We believe that former government minister, community activist and sports organiser Hamilton Lashley has served this country well. His patriotism cannot be questioned.

Why we doubt politicians

Could it be possible that today’s politicians are not perceptive enough to recognise that those they govern have at least a reasonable grasp of the inter-connectivity of life’s occurrences?

A new day dawns on Bim

With the Government saying less and less, the options getting fewer and fewer and the time to act becoming increasingly shorter

Backyard survival

While he was Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen Arthur, showed off his kitchen garden at home and took a public beating in some quarters for it.

Bitter medicine

Government’s revenue reduction train has left the station on what promises to be an island-wide tour.

Talk to country!

We could be wrong when we say there can’t be a Barbadian alive on this island who does not believe things are bad and the immediate economic future holds little to no hope.

Brush a blessing!

Once again a close brush with a tropical weather system has left some Barbadian adventurers upset.