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A new path

The need for education reform has been the frequent chorus over the past weeks from a variety of sources. The fashioning of a new Education Act is now the mandate of stakeholders. At last Friday’s consultation at the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, Chief Education Officer Laurie King spoke about the necessity for accountability within the […]

Pelican’s potential

  When one is struggling, and perhaps near the point of death, waiting two years plus for relief might not seem like much hope. But to the good folk who operate from the Pelican Village Craft Centre, the announcement that work will start by the end of the year on a new cruise facility off […]

Good move, Mr. Jones

We commend Minister of Education Ronald Jones and his team of administrators at the Elsie Payne Complex for their initiative in bringing education stakeholders together today for a major “pow wow”. It was the right and the smart thing to do, given the tensions that now exist in education generally, and in a number of […]

Life on the line

So often we use the term “war on drugs” with very little thought to the fact that it is indeed a war that’s taking place. An absolutely deadly one that perhaps will only truly touch us when someone close to us falls in battle, either via direct hit or as collateral damage. We do not […]

Money leak at BWA

We believe that we would be excessively generous if we said that operations at the Barbados Water Authority are in a mess. The problems there did not start in 2008, neither did they commence in 1994. They are not the creation of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s Democratic Labour Party, neither are they the legacy of […]

Silent leaders

The silence of the Barbados Government is deafening. The muteness of CARICOM resounds even louder. Where are the voices of the social foundations and fringe movements in Barbados and the wider Caribbean? While thousands are dying on the streets of Syria as a despot utilises all means to remain the undemocratically chosen leader of this […]

Thanks David

    Today Barbados stopped and remembered six young women, who gave their lives in horrific circumstances to become unwilling martyrs to the greed of two young men. We refer to Kellishaw Olliviere, Kelly-Ann Welch, Nakkita Belgrave, Pearl Amanda Cornelius, Shanna Griffith and Tiffany Harding, who lost their lives when the Campus Trendz store on […]

Church and communities

It would be unfair to label an entire community or nation based on the behaviour of a handful of miscreants. At the same time however, it would be unwise not to seek out and observe the link between the conduct of those miscreants and that of the wider society. Over the weekend parishoners at two […]

Who will take charge?

Today, Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, toured two secondary schools, no doubt to satisfy himself that all will be well at these institutions when school resumes in early September.
We understand why he would want

Swaps, dumps and health

  If the threats of court action by the Opposition Barbados Labour party turn out to be more than political platform rhetoric, the process and results could end up being beneficial to Barbadians well beyond the political intent that no doubt significantly informs the Bees’ agenda. When St. James Central candidate Senator Kerrie Symmonds told […]

Never the same again

The Opposition Barbados Labour Party, and apparently, a large number of Barbadians believe that it was not necessary to set up a commission of enquiry in order to bring a solution to the absolutely untenable situation at the Alexandra School. The BLP, and apparently, a large number of Barbadians believe that the $600,000-plus being spend […]

Too big to fail

Tomorrow is August 15. That makes it exactly four months to the start of the 2012-2013 Winter tourism season. August 15 will also be just two weeks short of four months since majority owner, Neal & Massy, the Trinidad conglomerate, closed the Almond Beach Village property at Heywoods, a few hundred metres north of Speightstown. […]

A change in thinking

If you doubt that Barbados has slipped quietly and quickly into election mode, keep watch over your neighbourhood and listen for the knock on your door — that representative, or candidate, that you have not seen for some time is about to come calling. Have you been concerned about the amount of travel done by […]

A sober judgement

It is almost as if the country could not wait for Crop-Over to end! It seems like the last band had barely left Spring Garden Highway and the good men and women from the Sanitation Service Authority were still sweeping up the debris left when somehow we slipped headlong into election mode. We heard of […]

Invest in athletes

There is no doubt that Barbadians are avid Olympic fans. In fact, it would not be a stretch to suggest that there are few sporting events that come close to attracting and holding the attention of as many Barbadians as the Olympic Games. Since the current games began in London the tradition has held. It […]

Straw castles

Last week Ernesto came and went with hardly a whisper from anyone, except perhaps for the frenzied supermarket shopping that occurred in the hours leading up to the expected time of impact. It is clear from comments of Barbadians while the country was on standby those who could afford, and to whom preparation is important, […]

Back to business

Crop-Over Festival is a necessary diversion

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