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St Andrew claims 2018 Parish Ambassadors title

The parish of St Andrew has claimed the title of Parish Ambassadors at the Spirit of the Nation for the very first time. After more than fours of competitions, St Andrew’s couple of Keyon Watson and Zhara Khan stood proudly with their trophies in hand as their parish finally enters the winners circle. The duo performed […]

St Philip – a parish of gems

by Fernella Wedderburn It takes pride of place in being the biggest parish in Barbados but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “Philippines” boast of having all the “gems” on this 166 square mile stretch of Caribbean beauty and a “cut above” the other 10 parishes. And when they say gems, they are not […]

The other side of Oistins

by Marie-Claire Williams Think of the parish of Christ Church and it might be impossible to select your favourite highlight because there are so many. From windsurfing to kitesurfing, a walk along the boardwalk for an encounter with refreshing breezes and lovely beaches, or a visit to the Concorde Experience, Christ Church is attractive. However, […]

Best parish in the world

by Randy Bennett St Thomas has produced Barbados’ only World Champion, is home to what is commonly referred to as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’, and can boast of having the island’s highest peak. No wonder residents refer to it as the “best parish in the world to live in”. The most central of […]

Of passion and commitment – St George

by Emmanuel Joseph St George may not boast of “having a sea”, but it is certainly awash with a sea of community-minded residents. Their commitment to a better parish – and country – is abundant and their passion is so overflowing, there’s enough to share with the rest of the island. And pride and industry […]

‘St John Ah Come From!’

by Sandy Deane With a sense of anticipation I set out on a bright, sunny Thursday morning to St John. Let me confess from the outset that I was going home. My navel string is buried in Massiah Street. It was there I learnt that manners maketh boys and girls, flying paperbag kites is loads […]

Foundation of hope

by Neville Clarke For a quarter of a century the Israel Lovell Foundation has been keeping families together and enhancing lives in and around My Lord’s Hill, St Michael. For many years the area had been seen as part of the “wretched of the earth”, plagued by extreme poverty, sub-standard education and lack of marketable […]

A force for good in St Michael

by Neville Clarke David “Dotty” Oxley moved to Licorish Village, My Lord’s Hill, St Michael at a very tender age, and over four decades later he has emerged as one of its leading and most active community workers and nation builders. Oxley was born in Venture, St John but was introduced to the culture and […]

To Sir Thorne with love

The name Thorne has a magical ring to it in St Elizabeth, St Joseph and its neighbouring villages. Winston Churchill Thorne. He might not have received a knighthood from the Queen, but to the people of his community he will always be “Sir”. His first and middle names together are famous internationally, but it’s at […]

St James the nicest parish

  by Marlon Madden   There’s a certain proudness in Brenda Hinds’ voice when she talks about Barbados. It rises to the brink of royalty when she talks about her country’s independence and its successes since the lowering of the Union Jack and the rising of the Broken Trident. Hinds has permanent residence status in […]

For the good times, St Andrew

by Sandra Downes Eighty years ago Clareen Carrington was born at Bruce Vale, St Andrew in her parents’ home. She was the first of five children. She can remember her neighbourhood as always being a quiet place to live, particularly since her family lived on a hill. “Nobody trouble you growing up in Bruce Vale […]

Bowled over by St Peter

The parish of St Peter is blessed with an abundance of attractions, landmarks and defining characteristics. Its white sand beaches, including Mullins Bay, are enticing, its rolling hills and luring topography make the best artists proud and attractions such as St Nicholas Abbey and Farley Hill National Park are historic. And then there’s cricket, possibly […]

The pride of St Lucy

The wrinkles on Iretha Roach’s hands and face appear adorable, but they betray the signs of aging. Roach, 99, was 50 years old when Barbados attained independence from Britain in 1966. To the nonagenarian, independence means a lot. Her memory might not be as good as it was on that rainy night at the Garrison […]