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UWI honouree wants anti-discrimination legislation

Former Barbados HIV/AIDS czar Dr Carol Lady Haynes has expressed disappointment that successive Governments have not passed legislation against homophobia and other forms of discrimination. She made her discontent known during a presentation to the University of the West Indies graduating class of 2016 at the Cave Hill Campus on Saturday, when she was awarded […]

PM wants to talk

A national consultation is being planned this month in an attempt to unearth the root causes of the social unrest that seems to have a firm grip on a segment of the country’s young generation, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announced Tuesday night. In his contribution to the debate on the Magistrate’s Court (Amendment) Bill 2016, […]

Govt’s ‘tyrannical’ response to legal challenge disturbing – Thorne

Government has come in for a tongue-lashing from attorney-at-law Ralph Thorne, QC, for its failure to file a defence to the legal challenge to its plans to fingerprint Barbadians leaving and entering the country. When the matter came up for hearing in the No 8 Supreme Court yesterday, Madam Justice Pamela Beckles ruled that the […]

Doubly wrong

A prominent Queen’s Counsel has rejected out of hand Thursday’s ruling by the Supreme Court in the fingerprinting case brought by attorney-at-law and social activist David Comissiong against the Freundel Stuart administration. Arguing that the legal judgment was not only premature, but an absolute nonsense and stressing that the Immigration (Biometrics) Regulations 2015 were still […]

Weed out

Outspoken minister Ronald Jones has expressed Government’s strongest support yet for the decimalization of marijuana. The Minister of Education today said people found with small amounts of the drug should not be jailed. Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite has said in the past that he held no strong position on the legalization of marijuana use, but […]

Strong arm

The police will be given sweeping powers under amended domestic violence legislation to act in order to prevent or stop domestic abuse. Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett today introduced the Domestic Violence (Protection Orders) (Amendment) Bill, 2016, which outlines how law enforcement officers should respond to cases of gender-based violence and the circumstances under […]

Parliament to debate cell phone VAT

Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler today announced that legislation aimed at increasing the Value Added Tax (VAT) on mobile services will be tabled in Parliament next Tuesday. The legislation would see the tax on voice, data and text messaging moving from 17 .5 per cent to 22 per cent in January 2016. Sinckler also disclosed that […]

No absolute power, says Abrahams

Opposition Senator Wilfred Abrahams gave general support to amendments to the 1962 Customs Act when the matter came before the Upper House for consideration yesterday, but at the same time expressed strong objection to ‘absolute power’ being granted to the Comptroller of Customs. Speaking on the Bill to amend the Customs Act to authorize the Comptroller […]

More authority to Customs Officers

Reflecting the growing impact of globalization on the island, Barbados is updating Customs procedures to facilitate the speedier movement of goods in and out of the island in conformity with regulations set by the World Trade Organization (WTO). In pursuit of this objective, the Senate today considered an amendment to the 1962 Customs Act authorizing […]

Bill passed

The Senate this evening passed an amendment to the Customs Act authorizing the Comptroller of Customs to make post-clearance audits. The amendment empowers the Comptroller or any person authorized by him to inspect goods, “to ascertain the accuracy of the particulars contained in the declaration”, after releasing the goods at the port of entry into […]

2016 target

Barbados today convened its first National Conference On Juvenile Justice with Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite signalling that the days of having delinquent youths serving lengthy prison sentences at Her Majesty’s pleasure could soon be numbered. “Today can be considered the start of significant reform in the area of juvenile justice,” […]

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