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Simmons: Blame the ministry

It is a “totally incompetent” Ministry of Education that must shoulder “absolute responsibility” for mismanaging six years of strife at the Alexandra School.

Chairman says he did not bad talk Broomes

If anyone “bad talked” Principal of the Alexandra School Jeff Broomes when he applied and was interviewed for the Chief Education Officer position, it was not the chairman of his board of management, Keith Simmons, QC.
That was Simmons’ response thi

No secret meetings

Chairman of the Alexandra School’s board of management Keith Simmons, QC, has denied he held a secret meeting with a number of teachers there who were unhappy with th

Bad treatment to deputy principal

A “vindictive effort” to belittle her role and contribution. That’s how Chairman of the board of management at the Alexandra School, Keith Simmons, QC, considered Principal Jeff Broomes’ treatment of the school’s Deputy Principal Beverley Lashley.

Rum Red

Barbados has always been known for its rum and in recent times, its Crop-Over Festival.

Making beaches safer

Lifeguards of the National Conservation Commission rescued 50 visitors experiencing difficulty while sea bathing last year.

Taking shape

It’s been almost two years now that motorists have been inconvenience by a landslide that took away a large chunk of the road at Dark Hole, St. Joseph, rendering it impassable.
Now, after several weeks of hard work by a crew from the M

Engaging the Diaspora

Barbados is re-engaging the interest of second and third generation Barbadians of the Diaspora.

Funding alternative

A new funding model for tertiary education is among the chief recommendations contained in a Report on Tertiary Education Reform to Government.

Be concerned

It’s an extremely serious report that must be of grave concern to Barbadians, the rating agencies and funding bodies.

APD causing havoc

That “hateful” Air Passenger Duty out of the United Kingdom is reported to be wreaking havoc on visitor arrivals to Barbados.
This was revealed today by Secretary-General of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, Hugh Riley, as he unveiled some of the

Straight to the point

“Barbados’ economic difficulties are by no means over, and our growth, employment and inflation indicators remain less than satisfactory.” — 2012 Half-Year Economic Review, Central Bank of Barbados, July 2012.
Surprise, Surprise! Barbados’ econo

Get your vaccine

ministry of health advises persons travelling to the 2012 olympic games to be protected against measles and rubella
The Ministry of Health is appealing to Barbadians travelling to Europe, including those who are going to London for the Olympics, t

Not moving!

by Shawn Cumberbatch
Not even an offer of $1 million would get Principal Jeff Broomes to leave the Alexandra School willingly.
That’s what Chairman, Keith Simm

$33m. less owed

worrell: government’s indebtedness reduced to 77 per cent gdp
There has been a reduction in the indebtedness of the Barbados Government to the tune of $33 million.
Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr. Delisle Worrell, said earlier this

Private sector has critical task

The private sector has a critical role to play in advancing sustainable development and the green economy in Barbados and across the region.
Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, has also pointed out that this was one of the key

Bad for school

The Alexandra School cannot afford to have Jeff Broomes remain as its principal.
Chairman of the institution’s board of management, Keith Simmons, QC, asserting he was not o

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