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Bajans urged to consider their health

Think of your health and the environment.

No permission for B's recycling

B’s recycling “has been operating without permission since the year 2000”.

'Dire' garbage situation

Thousands of Barbadians are currently facing a “dire situation” of inadequate garbage collection.

Plant peril

Former health minister warns that government courting environmental danger

Mounting problem at Mangrove landfill

Barbados is fast running out of landfill space and the increasing amount of waste being taken to the lone such facility at Mangrove Pond in St. Thomas is also a mounting problem.

Nothing solid about waste plan

There is nothing solid about Government’s plans for the management of waste in Barbados.

Not the answer

Leader of the Opposition, Mia Mottley, has charged that Barbados has a crisis on its hands as the current recession deepens.

House pays tribute to Symmonds' mother

A strong resolute woman, an outstanding citizen, a great dignified lady.

Sinckler: Put ideas to paper

Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler, has challenged the Opposition to put their plans on paper for the reduction of Government expenditure.

Better coming

Boyce: Improved regulation for future recycling projects

BLP gave recycling plant green light

The then Barbados Labour Party administration ignored the advice of the technocrats of the day when permission was granted to B’s Recycling to operate in Cane Garden, St. Thomas.

Forde: Good move at the time

St. Thomas MP, Cynthia Forde, has defended the then Barbados Labour Party Government’s decision to grant permission to B’s Bottles and Recycling to establish the plant in St. Thomas.

'B' gone

Minster says steps already started to shift recycling operation to vaucluse

Injunction to help

The 75-year-old Barbados Labour Party has reaffirmed its commitment to being the voice of the people who need to be heard.

Husbands suggests one stop shop

Government Senator Harry Husbands is recommending a “one stop shop” to deal with the speedy implementation of an offer from the Maria Holder Children’s Charity

Hear us too!

Labour movement wants views included in government’s plans for development

Heed financial advice

A retired banker, who is one of the newest members of the Senate, is concerned that areas of financial improvements recommended by the Auditor General are apparently being ignored.

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