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DLP's plans a last-minute thing, says Clarke

Government has come “hot and sweaty” at the last-minute to convince Barbadians it is looking after their housing needs.

Cuba no threat to Bim

Barbados should be preparing to exploit available opportunities in Cuba rather than fearfully anticipating crippling competition if American restrictions on that country are eased.

Africa mission delayed

Barbados is keen to establish its first African diplomatic mission in South Africa, but financial constraints have delayed the plan.

Silence deafening

Symmonds lashes out at administration for silence on critical issues

Brazil hope

local sugar producers looking to south american country for help
Sugar production here is on the decline and its future is at the crossroads, but the industry is to benefit from the assistance of Brazil, one of the world’s leading producers of the


Barbados is missing out on millions of dollars in potential foreign exchange earnings because of Government’s failure to implement necessary legislation.
Opposition Senator Kerrie Symmonds sa

Sinckler: No privatisation picnic

There will be no “privatisation scenic ride” in Barbados under the current Administration.

Help from T&T

Finance Minister anounces proposal to borrow millions from Trinidad

No excuse

Speaker of the House chastises MPs for their behaviour

DLP cosmetics!

Next month’s start of the winter tourist season minus the island’s largest hotel is a major blow that Government could have avoided.

Sinckler's fantasy

B’dos not in a state of economic stability, says Mottley

House not dragging feet on alleged gun incident

The Parliamentary committee mandated to investigate an alleged altercation between two sitting Members of Parliament is not dragging its feet on probing the matter.

BLP recovery plan reckless and dangerous

Government has trashed the Opposition Barbados Labour Party’s proposed economic recovery programme

Criticisms of summer camp unnecessary

Opposition criticisms of Government’s National Summer Camp Programme are baseless and unwarranted.

Minister Lashley lauds programme

Government has spent more than $15.6 million on its National Summer Camp Programme in the last three years, an “extremely successful” venture that will continue despite Opposition criticisms.

Camp clash

Mottley and Blackett butt heads in parliament

One hot house

It was hot in the House today. Tempers flared, voices were raised, one Opposition member had his contribution cut short

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