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Much to be had from renewable energy

Government’s plans for the environment will not only see the country saving money

Fresh ideas needed

Bradshaw calls for revival of tourism sector

Government pushing parallel programmes

New Minister of Housing Denis Kellman has promised parallel programmes that will see even more Barbadians getting a chance to own their homes and the land

Clarke: Who will benefit from stimulus package?

Opposition St. George North MP, Gline Clarke, has served Government notice that he will be watching carefully to ensure all of Barbados is treated fairly.

BLP to blame

Tourism Minister says country facing challenges due to Opposition’s lack of foresight

Senator fears for small businesses

One of Barbados best-known small businessmen has major reservations about Government’s decision to close the Social Investment Fund.

BLP slush fund

Senate knocks, repeals Social Investment Fund

Alternative social fund needed

It is not good enough for Government to close a source of public funding with “noble objectives” but provide no alternative.

Improved financial oversight needed

A veteran educator who is one of Barbados’ newest senators sees a need for increased parliamentary oversight of agencies disbursing public funds.

The right move

Move to repeal Social Investment Fund would be in best interest of public

Need for fund

mottley challenges gov’t decision to repeal social investment fund when people
are suffering
Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley is questioning Government’s decision to wind up the more than 10 year old Social Investment Fund at a time when “pe

Increase oversight of organisations

Government needs to increase its oversight of organisations that receive state funding but might not be adequately accounting for their use of these financial resources.

Empower institutions assisting the needy

Rather than criticise them and effectively create two Barbadoses through partisan politics, authorities need to empower the agencies and organisations established to help ordinary citizens.

It won't hurt Bajans

Sinckler says impoverished citizens won’t be hurt by ending social investment fund

'Loose' arrangements in constituency councils

Something needs to be done about the “loose” arrangements governing the operations of Barbados’ 30 constituency councils, which receive $3 million in state support.

Gov't creating gap in poverty fight

By abandoning a special fund established to help needy community groups, Government is creating a gap in the fight against poverty.

PM dispels rumours

Stuart reassures Barbadians he is in good health

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