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TRINIDAD – CCJ President disappointed with reluctance to join court’s appellate jurisdiction

Newly appointed president of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), Adrian Saunders has expressed disappointment with the reluctance of the government of Trinidad and Tobago to have the institution as its final court of appeal. Saunders told reporters following a special sitting of the court on Friday  that there is need for more public information , […]

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CCJ rules out automatic death sentence

Persons convicted of murder in Barbados can no longer be served with an automatic death sentence. That is because this country’s final appellate court – the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) – this morning struck down the mandatory death penalty in Barbados. The judgment was delivered by CCJ President Sir Dennis Byron in the appeal […]

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Two terms only for Guyanese presidents, CCJ rules

 The Trinidad and Tobago-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has ruled that an amendment which barred presidents of the Republic of Guyana from serving more than two terms in office, was a valid change to the constitution. In the ruling handed down on Tuesday, the court said that after examining the  historical background of the amendment […]

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