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#BTSpeakingOut – Let’s end femicide – get involved

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The theme for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence is ‘Let’s End Femicide’ a continuation of last year’s focus. Sixteen Days is an annual observance started in 1991 that emerged out of the first Women’s Global Leadership Institute held that same year. According to the Centre for Women’s Global Leadership, more than 6,000 organizations in some 187 countries have participated, advancing progress toward the urgent goal of ending gender-based violence.

The Caribbean Voice urges is one of those organizations. This year TCV is urging everyone to please sign this petition to declare December 6 as the International Day To End Femicide -https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-declare-dec-6-as-international-day-against-femicide  – and to help share and promote it.

As well TCV is planning a workshop on Youth Relationship Violence on December 3, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The workshop is presented by Proverbial Peace Revived Ministries with lead presenter being Dr. Brenetia Adams-Robinson, transformational life strategist and empowerment coach. Participants are invited to register for this workshop by contact TCV via email (caribvoice@aol.com) or mobile/what’s app at 646-461-0574.

On December 9, 6-8PM, TCV will also hold a panel discussion on Safety and Resiliency for victims and survivors. Panelists are invited to participate in this  discussion. Please contact TCV via email (caribvoice@aol.com) or mobile/what’s app at 646-461-0574 to affirm participation.

Other ways in which 16 Days can be observed include:

• Focusing on speak outs by survivors and loved ones of victims of femicide and gender based violence. Videos can be shared on social media, letters sent to the print media, interviews done with print media and broadcast media, both traditional and virtual. TCV is willing to help with sharing and promotion if videos, letters/articles and interviews are provided.     

• Planting of trees, especially fruit trees to memoralize victims of femicide and gender based violence by friends, families, neighbors and former colleagues of victims. Perhaps short programs can be produced around each tree planting that may include sharing of memories of victims, music, poetry, skits, releasing of balloons and sharing of snacks and beverages.

• Organizing marches, rallies, candlelight vigils – this can be done by communities, faith based organizations, community based organizations, leaders and influencers. Interfaith events would be fabulous as will events planned by a collaboration of organizations, with government – local or central – support.

• Making a donation to an organization supporting survivors of GBV. If you don’t know of any in your country TCV can provide some names.

• Educating yourself about GBV – lots of info, podcasts, seminars, workshops and panel discussion are available online. TCV can provide links if needed.

• Organizing focus groups – this too can be done by government in collaboration with organizations, in communities to sensitize, build awareness and provide prevention strategies.

• Lobbying – write or call the head of state and the responsible minister; hold picketing exercises, have meetings with other stakeholders and policy makers, reach out to social and traditional media for support.

• Reaching out to your local police – perhaps have the police hold community forums to talk about what they have in place to address femicide and gender based violence and how communities can collaborate with them.

• Reaching out to needy survivors and give them a day remember – gift baskets, consumer supplies, a cookout/games session with them, beauty treatment (nails, hair, full body and whatever else)…

• Creatives can produce prevention songs, poetry or even plays and everyone can help to post and share on social media. Plays can be acted out by students, youth groups and the like and video-taped for sharing and promotion. TCV can assist with this if the  material is provided.

• Adopting an animal – if the victim loved animals adopt a dog or cat in his or her name.

• Cleaning up the environment – clean up part of the environment and get permission to put up a plaque with victim’s name, maybe even plat some flowers and, if possible, construct a bench. If all of this is done that area could then be maintained and even be developed into a sort of community gathering place.

Many do not have the time and often times the wherewithal to become activists and advocates but many, if not all can find one or more activity from the above list to observe 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence. It does not matter how small the start is, for once there is a start, it will grow.

And the above range of activities provide scope for all communities to be involved in activities against gender based violence. are enough, many of which also address other issues like environmental sustainability and animal adoption as well foster links between various components of society.

The Caribbean Voice stands ready to help out where desired. Just reach out to TCV and share your plan

– Annan Boodram

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