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#BTEditorial – In high praise now of Robert “Bobby” Clarke

In some jurisdictions there would be books written about attorney-at-law and social activist Robert Bobby Clarke. In several other third-world countries, perhaps there might be pictures or statuettes adorning his alma maters, the walls of community centers or prominent state-owned buildings. Instead, successive governments have failed to recognize and honour officially an individual who has spent […]

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#BTEditorial – That “come to Jesus moment” is here, Prime Minister

The shameful contents of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) 2013–2018 Report came up for debate for the second straight week as Parliament convened today. The contributions were much of the same, with several legislators expressing outrage, dismay, horror, even, at the appalling findings which have highlighted controversial deals, inappropriate approvals on some contracts, major costs […]

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#BTEditorial – An idea whose time has come

There is nothing quite so irresistible as an idea whose time has come. France’s Grand Old Man of Letters, Victor Hugo, put it with characteristic élan: “One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.” And so, the idea that cannabis, available for medical use – which is already a […]

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Wilfred Abrahams

#BTEditorial – Crisis? What crisis?

So it looks like Barbados’ sewage crisis on the South Coast will soon be over. Minister of Water Resource Management Wilfred Abrahams has reported that Government had begun construction and would soon be installing a temporary marine outfall off Worthing, which would solve the problem once and for all. The minister said he hoped work […]

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#BTEditorial – Let’s get down to apolitical brass tacks!

If the current retrenchment exercise in Barbados does not force the masses to view the social dynamics of their country along impartial and nationalistic lines and not be blinded by political affiliations, then nothing will ever bestir us to reality. Polarization in the island has often led many political arguments to move from the sublime […]

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#BTEditorial – Willing if able, to include

If ever Barbados ever needed a strong reminder that there is ability in the word dis-ability, it was served up tasty reminders at the first-ever Taste My Hand Culinary Competition staged by the Barbados Council for the Disabled over the weekend. It was simply an eye-opening, stomach-filling event, providing as much food for savouring as […]

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#BTEditorial – A ticket to ride

You don’t need to be an articled clerk or lettered economist to prove the adage that if your lower the price of an admission ticket you often will get more bums on seats. It is as true for the church bazaar as it is for Caribbean aviation. And yet, season after season, government after government, […]

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#BTEditorial – In plenty, and in time of need

As Barbadians prepare to celebrate this island’s 52nd year of Independence, there is much to be grateful for. The past decade has been a trying one for the average Barbadian, businesses and Government alike. While there has hardly been a silver lining amid the billowing dark clouds, a glimpse back to the years prior to […]

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#BTEditorial – There is sabotage and then there is sabotage

It would be stretching credulity somewhat if we were to believe that Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s suggestion of “sabotage” in the ongoing retrenchment process was a newly-minted addition to Barbados’ political lexicon. The term has come up before in very direct manner and has also manifested itself in indirect terms. Interestingly, politicians in opposition often […]

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#BTEditorial – It takes a nation to protect our women and girls

“Unless we make some in-roads into this problem [gender-based violence] in the region, I fear that Caribbean women and girls in particular will continue to be restricted in their ability to reach their full potential. And if Caribbean women and girls don’t reach their full potential then the Caribbean can’t reach its full potential. Gender-based violence […]

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#BTEditorial – The fierce urgency of an electric ‘now’

Without trying too hard, straining sinews and straining brains, Barbados, the little island nation that could, did. It has become third highest per capita user of electric vehicles. The major car companies of the world – GM, Ford, BMW, Nissan, Kia, Toyota – are involved in producing all-plug-in or plug-in hybrid motors, challenged by the […]

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#BTEditorial – For safety’s sake, let’s feed ourselves

As if the message wasn’t clear before, it should surely be crystal clear now. Barbados needs to focus more on growing its own food. For the umpteenth time, an imported product has been flagged for contamination and has had to be pulled from supermarket shelves, or in this particular case, chillers. Earlier this week, the […]

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#BTEditorial – Barbados expects that businesses will do their duty

The big break that our businesses have so longed for came wrapped up in all but Christmas wrapping paper just ahead of the season of giving as the Prime Minister delivered a massive corporate tax cut on Tuesday. Imagine, then, the resounding echo of collective cheers across the business community. Consider, then, that a mission-crippling […]

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#BTEditorial – Democracy is alive in Barbados – or is it?

The ongoing saga at the Grantley Adams Memorial School is instructive. At a time when individual rights are very much a global focus and when those of children especially, take on significant importance, the youngsters of that St Joseph educational institution are worthy of commendation. And, the teachers too. In any form of commercial activity, […]

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Michael Bruce St. John Maxwell

#BTEditorial – Eyes on the prize for ‘Michael Barbados’

We offer warm congratulations and best wishes for the success of the ministry of the Bishop-designate of the Anglican Diocese, the Reverend Michael Bruce St John Maxwell, Rector of the Holy Trinity Church – soon to be consecrated as Michael Barbados, the 14th Bishop of the island’s oldest see and largest Christian denomination. Cometh the […]

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Mia Mottley

#BTEditorial – The fault, dear PM, is yours

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” – Cassius, in William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” (Act I, Scene III) “The buck stops here.” – sign of the desk of Harry S Truman, US President, 1945-1953   We agree with the Prime Minister’s notion that something is wrong, very […]

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Police Officers speaking to students.

#BTEditorial – And a child shall lead them

Barbadians should take a leaf or two … or three … from the books of those students at the Grantley Adams Memorial School. For the past four days, scores of children at the St Joseph school have engaged in a ‘hunger strike’, vowing not to purchase meals from the school’s canteen because of their alleged […]

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