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#BTEditorial – Give all your info to the police, Reverend Atherley

Over the past decades, linkages between drug cartels and some politicians have been well established in several nations. The illegal drug trade has raked in billions of blood dollars across the globe with a significant sum greasing the dishonest palms of politicians, police officers, soldiers, immigration and customs officials, and any individual who can support […]

#BTEditorial – The QEH – are we rearranging the deckchairs again?

Recently, Minister of Health and Wellness Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic spelled out some changes that the Government is making to the managerial structure at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in an attempt to resolve some of the major issues that have hampered its ability to properly deliver on its mandate as the primary acute health […]

#BTEditorial – Leave in airline taxes and go nowhere fast

In another two months, the eyes of a restless nation turn once again to the vistas of tanned bodies on white-sand beaches, the hustle of taxi drivers and the bustle of red caps. Accents will broaden and hands dutifully rub themselves together as wide-body jets disgorge half-baked passengers mad to go out into our midday […]

#BTEditorial – Victory to the Tridents and lessons for all of us

In what was a complete shock to most cricket pundits, the Barbados Tridents defeated the Guyana Amazon Warriors to capture their second Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 title last weekend. Labelled as underdogs against the previously unbeaten Warriors who had won 11 straight matches, the Tridents saved their best performance for last in registering a […]

#BTEditorial – Where Ignorance is bliss

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” – James Madison A retired United States Supreme Court Justice, David Souter, when asked what in retirement kept him awake in his native New England log cabin home, replied: “pervasive civic […]

Senator Caswell Franklyn

#BTEditorial – Xenophobia in the global village

In 1962, Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan in his book The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man, coined the term “global village” to describe a world in which “the visual, individualistic print culture would soon be brought to an end by “electronic interdependence”: when electronic media replaces visual culture with aural/oral culture. In this new […]

Antigua and Barbuda’s prime minister Gaston Browne

#BTEditorial – Things Browne – and bright – in Barbuda

Through 500 years of Columbian colonisation and one of the greatest holocausts in all human history – the enslavement of millions of African people following the genocide of the native peoples of the so-called Americas – the Caribbean has survived and thrived. If from history’s ugliest endeavours emerge multicultural, multiethnic, sovereign, free nations on these […]

#BTEditorial – Good hygiene still a great way to maintain one’s health

Within recent weeks, Barbados has been caught up in the cold. Although many who have been afflicted with the viral respiratory tract illness have often described it as the ’flu’, medical experts have informed us that it is indeed the rhinovirus, or common cold virus, that has been causing the problem. While rhinovirus infections occur throughout […]

#BTEditorial – That touchy subject of underage sex

The shock, tinged with not a little irony, that the leader of the adult entertainment industry set a high moral tone as he blew the whistle about sex among the island’s high school students, has all but given way to the deeply unsettling realism of the original complaint. That complaint by Charlie ‘Spice’ Lewis, the […]

#BTEditorial – There must be standards beyond words

Calls for improvement in productivity and service standards have been made in both the private and public sector over the past few years. But truth be told, there are thousands of hardworking Barbadians who pride themselves on the quality of their work and the service they present to the public. They are to be commended. […]

#BTEditorial – Public Sector Reform – lessons from the Cayman Islands

“Mek yuh ears dem ring-like Government phone!” – “Babylon Boops,” Lovindeer, 1986. Minister of Labour Colin Jordan recently announced some changes to the administration of the largest employer of Barbadians – the Public Service. Among the changes is the establishment of three “service commissions” to govern recruitment and selection practices across different branches of the […]

#BTEditorial – 500 days of the Mottley crew

The landmark of 500 days of the life of the current administration of the Government of Barbados offers the opportunity for sober reflection on the performance of the largest Cabinet in Barbadian history. Granted, these ministers who serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister each entered into existing portfolios or founded new ones in […]

#BTEditorial – Throwing the switch on the green energy economy

Ambitious. Bold. Doable. About time. At long last. As goes the chorus of pundits so do we, now that the Government has finally started the ball rolling towards running this country entirely on green energy – or try to by the year 2030. But it’s just 11 years from now to wean this country off […]

#BTEditorial – Peach. Salmon. Or pale-red. Not rose-coloured about breast cancer.

More than two decades ago, Charlotte Haley, as she battled breast cancer decided to create a peach-coloured ribbon to raise awareness about the disease. It was a labour of love for the 68-year-old Harvey, whose grandmother, daughter and sister also had breast cancer. So she began to make the peach ribbons by hand in her […]

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur

#BTEditorial – Could Owen Arthur’s words be taking shape . . . again?

Some nine years ago while in one of his more combative incarnations, former prime minister Owen Arthur described the Lower House then controlled by prime minister David Thompson’s Democratic Labour Party as a “poor-rakey parliament”. Never one to mince words, Mr Arthur was commenting on the quality of the sitting members, and by logical extension, […]

#BTEditorial – How can we better look after those who retire for health reasons?

Life is a divine gift that can be very unpredictable at times. From day to day, none of us knows whether we will encounter a situation, whether natural or man-made, that will turn our entire lives in a completely different direction. We may leave home one day to go to work as normal and may […]

#BTEditorial – Bearded wonders, indeed 

A recent decision by the acting principal of The Lodge School Robin Douglas, to enforce a rule in the school’s dress code has sparked robust debate. Last week, Douglas ordered the male students of the 298-year-old school to remove all facial hair or face possible suspension. His decision was not widely supported and drew the […]