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Ryan Straughn

Straughn: Debt fix deal ‘unprecedented’

Barbados is set to undergo a debt restructuring programme never before undertaken anywhere  in the world, said co-Minister of Finance Ryan Straughn. As a result, Barbadians are being asked to hold strain as Government will have no choice but to implement tough measures to rescue the struggling economy, he told the one-party House of Assembly […]

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Joseph Atherley

Show respect!’

In a call for respect to be shown the office of Leader of the Opposition, Bishop Joseph Atherley has accused Leader of the House Edmund Hinkson of presenting him with the bill to restructure Barbados’ debt only minutes before the start of today’s session. The former member of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) who crossed […]

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Sweetness lands two in prison

Two men, each with an apparent sweet tooth, were sentenced to time in prison for stealing from one of the local supermarket chains on separate occasions. Ryan O’Neal Pilgrim, of Inch Marlow, Christ Church, pleaded guilty to stealing two bottles of honey worth $51.98 belonging to Massy Supermarket on September 23. The 41-year-old fisherman was […]

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Theft accused granted bail

One man is expected to know his fate when he returns to the District ‘A’ Magistrate’s Court on November 19 while his co-accused will go to trial. Seventeen-year-old Renaldo Christopher Courtney Jordan pleaded not guilty to stealing 20 sheets of permaclad worth $4,600 and 25 pieces of lumber worth $734.40 as well as a chicken […]

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Henderson Emmanuel Yarde/Harewood

Man steals his way into jail

Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds will be the new home of Henderson Emmanuel Yarde/Harewood who has no fixed place of abode. Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant sentenced Yarde/Harewood to three years and 12 months in prison to run consecutively. The 56-year-old had admitted to entering the home of Cheryl Bartlett as a trespasser and stealing a $700 laptop, […]

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Gregg Sylvester Sealy

Drunk and disorderly

A 39-year-old fisherman, who could not control his liquor, will spend the next three weeks at the Psychiatric Hospital being assessed by doctors. “I am willing to make that sacrifice. I need to stop drinking,” Gregg Sylvester Sealy, of No 75 Galloway Path, Waterford, St Michael told Magistrate Douglas Frederick today. He pleaded guilty to […]

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PAHO’s Country Programme Specialist Dr Patrice Lawrence-Williams

Big problem

Childhood obesity rates in the Caribbean have surpassed the global rate for the disease, a Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) official has told experts meeting here to combat an apparent epidemic. In a decade, the obesity rate among children increased from six per cent to 14 per cent, according to PAHO. On its current trajectory […]

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Marsha Caddle

DLP destroyed Barbados’ economy – Caddle

Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Investment Marsha Caddle has defended the Government’s attempts to fix a ‘destroyed’ economy, describing as unprecedented the International Monetary Fund-backed programme with Barbados. “What we have been doing over the last few weeks and months is really about trying to stabilize the country and I want us […]

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Irene Sandiford-Garner

Democratic Labour Party ‘adds new members, rebuilds’

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) continues to add new card-carrying members to its ranks, as it seeks to rebuild from the most crushing loss in Barbadian political history, party leaders confirmed. In the party’s first branch meeting since its 30-seats-to-nil shutout in the May 24 General Elections by the Barbados Labour Party, DLP First Vice-President […]

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Building goodwill for your brand

We all know that people love people who make them feel special. Think about the last time someone paid you a compliment, gave a gift or simply provided a recommendation for a potential job for you. You appreciated that person’s deed and chances are, you won’t likely forget them. How do we transfer this type […]

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The four horsemen

The Barbados Economic Recovery Team is administering their bitter medicine in small doses. They appear to have learned from Guyana’s experience with the IMF, where the Guyanese politicians used a big spoon. Since the result will be the same, it is less messy and less socially disruptive to slowly boil the frog. But, must the […]

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Kim Ramsay

#BTEditorial – Getting to grips on guns

No sooner than respected criminologist Kim Ramsay warned that gun violence in Barbados was an epidemic than the disturbing reality surfaced. 24 hours later residents in the inner-city community of New Orleans were cowering in fear as brazen masked gunmen opened fire indiscriminately in a weekend shooting spree, terrifying residents and a nation. Mercifully, no […]

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Down memory lane

Last Sunday I ventured into the hills of St Andrew with my immediate family, mother, aunt, brothers and their families and my cousin in search of my roots. Specifically, we went into the hills overlooking Shorey Village and more specifically an area called Overhill. I have written in the past that many would not expect […]

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Time to spread the risk

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” – Winston Churchill In 2005, the Barbados National Insurance Service introduced a Pension Reform program. The baseline for the discussion was to take appropriate action to address a global pattern seen within developed and […]

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THE BAHAMAS – Couple’s killer jailed for 60 years

NASSAU – Devaughn Hall was sentenced to 60 years in prison yesterday for the murders of Deadman’s Reef couple Barry and Sheena Johnson who were shot to death during an armed robbery at their home three years ago. Supreme Court Justice Estelle Gray Evans noted that while the murders were “horrific, callous and cold-blooded” she was […]

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ANTIGUA – Suspected suicide

ST JOHN’S – A probe has been launched into the death of convicted murderer Cordayro Joseph, 27, who was found dead, hanging in his cell at Her Majesty’s Prison yesterday morning. A senior prison officer told OBSERVER media that investigators suspect that he committed suicide because all of the evidence uncovered so far reveals that he […]

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Dave Cameron

Cameron seeking seamless transition

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Cricket West Indies president, Dave Cameron, says he is hoping for a “seamless transition” following the shock resignation of head coach Stuart Law. The Australian said yesterday he would leave the post at year-end, following tours of India and Bangladesh in the coming months, to take up the head coach position with […]

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