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Caswell Franklyn

‘Government abusing workers’ rights’

Government is being called upon to rectify a situation which for some time has denied dozens of employees at the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) many of the employment rights afforded their colleagues at the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA). Veteran trade unionist Senator Caswell Franklyn while addressing debate on the Barbados Tourism Product Authority […]

Lisa Cummins

Port plays significant role

Ninety percent of all products imported into Barbados come through the Bridgetown Port, hence the need to expand its capacity and make it more efficient in carrying out its operations. Chairman of the Barbados Port Inc., Senator Lisa Cummins, made this point as debate continued on the Shipping Amendment Bill 2019 in the Senate this […]

More maritime training needed

If Barbados is to make the most of the blue economy, its people must be adequately trained in all aspects of the multi-faceted sector. This was the view of at least three senators as the Upper House debated the Shipping Incentives Amendment Bill 2019. In introducing the Bill, acting Leader of Government Business in the […]


The Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development has announced plans to bring the high number of dilapidated buildings formerly occupied by state-owned entities back into use. Minister in the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development and Member of Parliament for St John, Charles Griffith, made this announcement in the House of Assembly today […]

Peter Wickham

‘Bright future for BLP in St Michael West’

The resounding victory for businessman Christopher Gibbs in the nomination to represent the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in the St Michael West constituency, augers well for the chances of the ruling party to retake the seat in the next election, says well-respected pollster and political scientist, Peter Wickham. This morning Wickham told Barbados TODAY that […]

Zero extravagance from Govt

Thousands of dollars in taxpayers’ money being spent on overseas trips for high-ranking members of the Mia-Mottley administration is money well spent, the Prime Minister has declared. During Sunday evening’s well attended and widely broadcast meeting of St Michael West Barbados Labour Party constituency, Mottley sought to dispel any notions that members of her government […]

Gibbs wins bid to represent St Michael West BLP ticket

Homeboy Christopher Gibbs convincingly won the the bid to represent St Michael West on a Barbados Labour Party ticket in the next general election. The nomination was a keen contest between Gibbs and Steven Leslie, a director at the Barbados Cricket Association. However, just after 7 p.m., BLP General Secretary Senator Jerome Walcott declared Gibbs […]

Hamilton Lashley


If former Member of Parliament Hamilton Lashley could have his way, members of Barbados’ elite and planter class could not benefit “one red cent” from the proposed cannabis industry in Barbados. The outspoken Lashley recalled that he was ridiculed when he stood in the House of Assembly and called for the decriminalisation of cannabis. He […]

Not so fast, Prescod

Vice-president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Andre Worrell is accusing Government of trying to “strong arm” workers of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) into shifting from a Monday to Friday work week, to an arrangement where they can work any five days out of seven. Worrell contended that not only was Government attempting to […]

‘Mottley’s big Cabinet not working’

The time has come for Government to shed some of its weight at the top, says president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Verla De Peiza, who is charging that  Mia Mottley experiment of assembling a large Cabinet in order to lighten the workload, has failed. De Peiza told Barbados TODAY that the performance of […]

‘Failing grade’

The first 500 days of the Mia Mottley-led Government has been a resounding failure, according to the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Party president Verla De Peiza held no punches this afternoon as she gave the administration a failing grade and contended there was nothing on the Government’s report card that should give Barbadians any measure […]

Old Government buildings ‘to be listed, leased, spruced up’

Old buildings owned by Government across the island are to be examined for an audit of state properties in an plan to lease them to organizations willing to spruce them up, Minister of Housing and Lands Charles Griffith has told Parliament. Piloting a resolution to approve the lease of a parcel of Crown land for […]

Government gets thumbs up for Sandals stance

Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey is in full support of Government’s decision not to bow to the demands of Sandals Resorts International (SRI). Work on the $800 million Beaches property in Heywood’s, St Peter has ground to a halt, as Government and STI have failed to reach agreement on the […]

‘Time to regulate bank charges’

A Government Minister has called on fellow lawmakers to review fees charged by commercial banks in Barbados and put a policy in place to regulate them. Minister of Transport Dr William Duguid gave the hint on Tuesday as he joined debate on the Shipping Incentives Amendment Bill, which was later passed. Without naming the individual […]

‘Tight lines’

Government will soon demand pleasure cruise owners to provide more security and fortify their boats to a higher standard, Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey today revealed. In a bid to ensuring the safety of patrons, Humphrey said that as part of the Shipping Incentives Amendment Bill will also require crew […]

Ryan Straughn

‘Nasty rumour’ – Straughn

Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn has dismissed as a “nasty rumour”, a claim that Government plans to put a 40 per cent tax on gratuities paid to public servants. The assertion was made in a WhatsApp voice note that has been circulating on social media. In it, a woman claim that it […]

Kerrie Symmonds

Hotel ‘boost’

Minister of Tourism and International Transport Kerrie Symmonds has assured that Barbados is not lacking investment appeal and investors will be pumping millions of dollars into the economy in coming months. Introducing the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (Amendment) Bill in Parliament on Tuesday, he said there have been several expressions of interest in the tourism […]

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