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Church theft accused remanded

The prosecution today successfully objected to bail for a 31-year-old man who allegedly preyed on a woman while she was in church, stealing her bag and contents. Jerome Obryan Rudder, of 4th Avenue Manning Land, St Michael will spend at least the next 28 days on remand at Dodds in relation to the matter. He […]


Man charged in connection with drug haul

Allegations that he had 53.2 kilos of locally-grown marijuana have landed a 36-year-old St George man before the law courts. The illegal drug, which has an estimated $212,800 street value, was allegedly found in Mario Simeon Kenroy McAllister’s possession on August 20. The accused, who lives at Mayfield No.1, was also charged with possession with […]


Case adjourned

For the second time this week Magistrate Douglas Frederick has called on the prosecutor’s desk to get files to court in a timely manner especially for aged cases. However, unlike earlier this week when he dismissed several old cases, he kept a five-year-old case alive in the system and gave the prosecution the adjournment they […]

High Court to sentence drug trafficker

The 20-year-old Canadian drug mule who pleaded guilty earlier this week to trafficking in $212,000 worth of cannabis into Barbados has been sent to the High Court for sentencing. Magistrate Laurie-Ann Smith-Bovell made the order today when Serena Daniella Gentles, on No 7290 Meyer Drive Malton, Mississauga, Ontario reappeared before her in the District ‘B’ […]

Melissa Oneilia Griffith

Mom placed on probation

A 35-year-old mother of four who back in June flung a hot iron at her six-year-old son will undergo psychological and parenting counseling and return to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on October 15 for an update. Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant also placed Melissa Oneilia Griffith, of Mason Hall Street, St Michael on probation for a […]

St George man denies theft charges

An unemployed man from Mayfield, St George has been released on bail after being accused of stealing over $15, 000. Fifty-year-old Shawn Ricardo Thompson elected for a summary trial before Magistrate Douglas Frederick earlier today on charges of stealing $5,500 belonging to Akanni McCollin between June 18, 2018 and March 29, 2019 as well as […]

‘Tree surgeon’ admits to cocaine problem

A 49-year-old who cuts trees for a living, admitted to having a drug addiction and will spend the next three weeks at the Psychiatric Hospital being assessed for suitability for Verdun House’s treatment programme . “I need some help please, Verdun House or something so,” Ricardo Vincent Antonio Corbin, of Date Tree Hill, St Peter […]


$40, 000 fine

Think about the consequences before you get into this foolishness, Magistrate Frederick Douglas advised a 35-year-old man convicted of drug charges. Korie Orlando Gale-Forde, of Gall Hill, Christ Church had been on remand after pleading guilty to possession, possession with intent traffic, possession with intent to supply and importation of 17.9 kilogrammes or $71, 600 […]

Homeowner deceived and robbed

Posing as a good Samaritan, an 18-year-old and her accomplice forced their way into the home of a Christ Church man and made away with $400 cash on April 25, 2019. Today, Destiny Malika Tori Johnson, of No. 5 Birch Path, Regent Hill, the Pine, St Michael appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick and pleaded guilty […]


Man pleads guilty to assault

A man who admitted assaulting a woman in December 2017 wants to know why the matter took so long to reach the law courts. Dwayne Ricardo Elliott, of Flagstaff Road, St Michael today pleaded guilty to committing the act against Kibibi Greenidge on December 8, occasioning her actual bodily harm. In his defence, the 33-year-old […]


‘Half-baked’ cases dismissed

There was no mincing of words by Magistrate Douglas Frederick today as he took the prosecutor’s desk to task for failing to have the necessary disclosure to move several dated cases forward. “This is not acceptable . . . this is a serious thing,” Frederick said as he was forced to dismiss three cases in […]

Jamaican woman convicted of drug smuggling

Issues with infertility prompted a 32-year-old Jamaican woman to take a trip to Barbados but it was an act of deception on a family member’s part that landed her in trouble with the law here. Annika Andrea Henry, of Sevens Road, Maypen in Clarendon gave the explanation today when she appeared before Magistrate Laurie-Ann Smith-Bovell […]

‘Desperate’ drug mule

Without a thought for the consequences a 20-year-old Canadian student who told her mother she was spending the weekend at a friend’s travelled to New York bound for Barbados with $212,000 worth of cannabis in her possession and was caught. “I didn’t think that far because it was an act of desperation,” Serena Daniella Gentles, […]


Trafficker ingests drugs for importation

Narcotics smuggler Osbourne Dixon spent two weeks at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) expelling 53 taped packages of marijuana. The 59-year-old from No. 14 Aretena Place, Queensbury, Kingston, Jamaica who arrived at the Grantley Adams International Airport on August 2 appeared before the District ‘B’ Magistrate’s Court today and pleaded guilty to trafficking in one […]


Women ordered to keep the peace

Three women who became involved in a fracas on The Mighty Grynner Highway at its junction with Brighton Road on Foreday Morning Jam have been ordered to be on their best behaviour for the next six months. Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant imposed the bond on the accused 23-year-old Brandi Danielle Wallace and 40-year-old Kelly-ann Cassandra Wallace, […]

Fracas ends up in court

Pandemonium broke out along Husbands New Development Road, St Michael yesterday morning when several men involved in an altercation began pelting rocks at each other and using knives and big sticks sending others in the area to run for safety. Today three men appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court charged with causing a disturbance […]

Hot crop

Produce thief Oneal Sylvester Farmer was at it again appearing before the Magistrates’ Court this time for theft of five pounds of hot peppers. The No. 122 Midway Lane, Pinelands, St Michael resident pleaded guilty to stealing the commodity, between August 14 and 15, from Caribbean Agricultural Development and Research Institute, just one year after […]

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