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#BTSpeakingOut- The value of changes in our society

by Barbados Today
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By Algernon Atherley

Almost every nation under the sun is experiencing major changes in all aspects of life. God created everything to experience natural change.

However, there are changes in politics that cause confusion; there are constitutional revisions where, e.g., we remove God and replace God with something else; and there is moral manipulation where people are trying to desensitize us from our convictions, e.g., there are arguments about same-sex marriage.

Why are we trying to redefine what a man is and what a woman is? We should not be delving into things that we don’t understand yet.

We don’t know the consequences of a child being caught up in a home with two men married to each other or two women married to each other.

We don’t know the psychological impact on the child. Are we not experimenting with our children? Society is trying to transform us, but we must not sit back and let it happen because we may awake and find that our son will be married to a man and the father has to wear a dress to the wedding.

God has given us the power to decide what our Nation will look like, what our communities will look like, and what our culture will look like. We can decide what is normal and what is abnormal.

We can change right to wrong and wrong to right. We can abandon truth for our own truth and we can tamper with our established values.

Where are our boundaries? What is our reference point? Why are we pulling up and shifting the stakes that have been determined by God and enshrined in our Constitution? Why are we shifting our values away from the proven ones we grew up with? Our conscience must now increase above our current level of thinking and godly leaders must lead this country in parliament to guide us through this turbulent moral malaise.

Change is defined as a deviation from a set reference, a move away from a norm, a transition from a set state, or a violation of a set of rules.

You can only change something that is in existence already. We can call it whatever we want – sexual preference, sexual orientation. We cannot declare change without admitting that there was an original reference.

The original reference is the original stake of something. It determines what the boundaries are. It is the original law against which everything is measured.

The original stake maintains order.

When you move the original reference, you have social disorder. We cannot change by ignoring the boundaries established by God or the natural principles.

We must speak out without fear of opposition or criticism. We must move from our safe zone and take the chance and leap and make things happen.
God told the Israelites that if they walked away from His laws, He would inflict them with madness, blindness, and confusion.

Here, blindness means that you are so set on what you want that you can’t see the truth.
Confusion means that we are still busy, but not effective. We are spending time, talking a whole lot, spending money, and wasting it all.

The most powerful tribe in Israel was a tribe called Issachar. God said that they were powerful because they understood the times and knew what to do.

We have to understand what is happening so that we can do what is required. We cannot just sit back and allow our social structures to crumble because we are in it and our great-grandchildren will be affected by it.

Without change, there can be no improvement, but not all change is improvement. Change can develop or destroy. Uncontrolled change is dangerous and unregulated change is unwise.

Leadership is a privilege and not a right, so we better not get in God’s way, thinking that we are more powerful than God or even that we are God.

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