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Gline Clarke

Clarke: ‘Pay up housing subsidy’

A backbencher has called on Government to pay outstanding subsidies promised landowners by the previous administration under the landmark law to provide tenure at concessionary prices. St George North MP and Deputy Speaker of the House Gline Clarke recalled an amendment to the Tenantries Freehold Purchase Act in 1997 which provided that while the landlord […]

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Kirk Humphrey

‘Blame landlord cartel’ for the way we live now

Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey has decried a growing trend of landlords who were taking advantage of tenants by charging excessive rents while providing below-standard conditions. Humphrey spoke of a new, “creeping” phenomenon in which a seeming “underground cartel” of landlords was forcing housing conditions below “acceptable Barbadian standards” on […]

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Mia Mottley

Xmas gift

Prime Minister Mia Mottley gave local businesses an early Christmas present today, announcing a massive reduction in corporation tax from 25 per cent to between 1 to 5.5 per cent and she wants businesses to share the benefits with Barbadians. The development means that local businesses will now be operating here on a level playing […]

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Grenville Phillips II

S&P upgrade fails to impress Opposition parties

Two opposition political parties, including the predecessor in Government, are cautioning Barbadians against breaking out the champagne to toast the first credit rating upgrade in ten years. Solutions Barbados and the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) are both contending that the upgrade, which comes after the country suffered a decade of two dozen downgrades from international […]

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Verla Depeiza

DLP support for student protest

Students protesting the quality and price of the canteen food at Grantley Adams Memorial School are getting the backing of Democratic Labour Party (DLP) leader Verla De Peiza. In an interview with Barbados TODAY, De Peiza said the students are reflecting some of the spirit of the island’s national heroes such as the Father of […]

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Lindell Nurse

Senators see benefits of amending capital punishment act

The Barbados Government’s decision to move towards scrapping the mandatory death penalty in cases of murder has been lauded by most Senators who spoke on the topic when the Upper House met on Thursday. Independent Senator, Lindell Nurse, said the Offences against the Person Amendment Bill 2018 might have been a bit late in coming, […]

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Dr Jerome Walcott

New court dates for death row convicts

Almost a dozen inmates who are currently on death row at Dodds prison will have to be resentenced once the Offences Against the Person Bill 2018 is amended. That is the word from Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Senator Dr Jerome Walcott, as he spoke today during debate on the amendment which seeks […]

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Kay McConney

Senator McConney: Start crime prevention process early

Government Senator Kay McConney has said if we use the current systems we have in place to deal with deviant behavior among school children more effectively, we should see a difference in the levels of criminal activity on the island. She made this point during her contribution to the debate on the Offences Against the […]

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Caswell Franklyn

Senator launches attack on judiciary

A member of the Upper House of Parliament has launched a scathing attack on the nation’s highest court, accusing it of seeking to “legislate” and ruling as unconstitutional laws that its justices find personal disfavour with. Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn described the Caribbean Court Justice (CCJ) as being “shoddy” and “bungling” in its rulings.Saying he […]

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Hamilton Lashley

‘In poor taste’ – Lashley on ‘sick MP’ comment

Former St Michael South East MP Hamilton Lashley has described as being in “poor taste” a call by Democratic Labour Party (DLP) General Secretary Guyson Mayers to gear up supporters for a possible by-election because of a sitting MP’s illness. The comments were an apparent reference to his successor as MP Santia Bradshaw, who has […]

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Sandra Husbands

Is Barbados truly ready for high-rise housing?

High-rise housing has long been touted as a possible solution to Barbados’ dilemma of high demand for housing but limited land space. While three such units are now available, Members of Parliament questioned on Wednesday whether Barbados was truly ready for them. As the Lower House debated a resolution vesting land at Chancery Lane in […]

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Beverly Gibbons

First female deputy clerk takes seat in Parliament

For the first time in its history Barbados has a female Deputy Parliamentary Clerk. Attorney-at-law Beverly Gibbons wrote her name in history’s pages today when she took her seat in Parliament, having been appointed to the position effective November 1, 2018. It was Parliament’s first sitting since her appointment. The 49-year-old Gibbons was congratulated by […]

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George Payne

NHC in a bind owing to DLP mismanagement

A decade of neglect under the previous Democratic Labour Party administration has left the National Housing Corporation in a perilous state. This was the general consensus as the House of Assembly looked at the state of housing in Barbados during a debate in Parliament on a resolution vesting land in the statutory corporation at Chancery […]

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Peter Phillips

Waiting in vain

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) has a long list of persons waiting to be housed, with over 30 000 applications currently before the state-run agency. This was revealed today by Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance, Peter Phillips, who said the majority of applications were made during the  Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) […]

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Bishop Joseph Atherley

Atherley to NHC: put housing before profit

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) should be more concerned with assisting low income earners in getting their own homes than with making money, said Opposition Leader Joseph Atherley, who has urged the state housing provider to get its priorities in order. Speaking today in Parliament during debate on a resolution for the vesting of land […]

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Senator Lucille Moe

Government ‘to grant more broadcast licences’

As it prepares to slash the workforce and fold its national broadcaster into a state information agency, the Government is “actively” considering granting more television and radio licences, according to Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Public Affairs, Senator Lucille Moe. Moe sought to project the licensing as a means to boost the economy as she […]

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Bishop Joseph Atherley

6 out of 10

Opposition Leader and Independent Member of Parliament for St Michael West, Bishop Joseph Atherley, is giving Government six on a scale of one to ten for its performance during its first five months in office. Atherley, told a press conference on Tuesday that the Government had “managed the optics very well.” “I think that in […]

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