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Dale Marshall

Consultants’ pay ‘to be declared’, says Marshall

Barbadians were promised tonight they will soon be told how much money the consultants who are working on the country’s debt restructuring programme are being paid. The pledge came from the mouth of Acting Prime Minister Dale Marshall in response to a query from Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley during debate of the Debt Holder […]

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Edmund Hinkson

Home Affairs Minister wants action on ICBL

Home Affairs Minister Edmund Hinkson wants regulators to act wherever the law allows against ICBL, whose overseas parent has admitted that the local firm paid a bribe for a Government insurance contract. The St James North MP was responding to constituents who queried why local regulators have remained quiet about ICBL over the alleged bribery […]

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Ryan Straughn

Straughn: Debt fix deal ‘unprecedented’

Barbados is set to undergo a debt restructuring programme never before undertaken anywhere  in the world, said co-Minister of Finance Ryan Straughn. As a result, Barbadians are being asked to hold strain as Government will have no choice but to implement tough measures to rescue the struggling economy, he told the one-party House of Assembly […]

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Joseph Atherley

Show respect!’

In a call for respect to be shown the office of Leader of the Opposition, Bishop Joseph Atherley has accused Leader of the House Edmund Hinkson of presenting him with the bill to restructure Barbados’ debt only minutes before the start of today’s session. The former member of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) who crossed […]

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Marsha Caddle

DLP destroyed Barbados’ economy – Caddle

Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Investment Marsha Caddle has defended the Government’s attempts to fix a ‘destroyed’ economy, describing as unprecedented the International Monetary Fund-backed programme with Barbados. “What we have been doing over the last few weeks and months is really about trying to stabilize the country and I want us […]

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Irene Sandiford-Garner

Democratic Labour Party ‘adds new members, rebuilds’

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) continues to add new card-carrying members to its ranks, as it seeks to rebuild from the most crushing loss in Barbadian political history, party leaders confirmed. In the party’s first branch meeting since its 30-seats-to-nil shutout in the May 24 General Elections by the Barbados Labour Party, DLP First Vice-President […]

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Guyson Mayers

‘Not that kind of party’ – DLP on retrenchment

Had the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) been returned to office, it would not have contemplated sending home public servants unless it was the only option available, general secretary Guyson Mayers said. He slammed the Barbados Labour Party administration for its proposed move to retrench Government workers as part of austerity measures to fix the ailing […]

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Edmund Hinkson

‘War Cabinet’

Home Affairs Minister Edmund Hinkson last night defended the size of the Cabinet, declaring that the raft of 26 ministers is stretched thin with work as it wages “war” against the ravages of the last administration. “Yes, there are 26 ministries in addition to the Prime Minister’s Office, and that is much more than what […]

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Caddle: Which one is it De Peiza?

by Lashawna Griffith Member of Parliament for St Michael South Central Marsha Caddle this evening challenged President of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Verla De Peiza to declare where she stands on the issue of integrity in public life. Speaking at her constituency’s annual general meeting at her Tweedside Road office this evening, Caddle took […]

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Lindell Nurse

Independent Senator: Privatize public transport

Independent Senator Lindell Nurse has suggested the return, after 63 years, of the public transit system to fully private hands. The Transport Board was at the top of a raft of issues facing transport the lawmaker sought to address as the Senate debated an amendment to the Road Traffic Act to repeal road tax. “We […]

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Kevin Boyce

Senator: Stiffer penalties on fake plates

An independent legislator is calling for increased penalties for makers of bogus licence plates. Independent Senator Kevin Boyce said this afternoon that the fine of $5,000 as proposed in the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2018, debated by the Upper Chamber today, was far from adequate. “The second suggestion would be the penalty imposed for Section […]

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Crystal Drakes

Senate debates fuel tax abolition bill

Senate debate on the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2018, began today with some upper-chamber legislators questioning the route the Government has taken to repeal and replace the road tax with a fuel tax. Opposition Senator Crystal Drakes queried whether fuel taxes were still relevant today, given that more countries around the world were taxing other […]

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Caswell Franklyn

‘Lipstick on a pig’

The Government’s proposed changes to the Road Traffic Act have become the latest target for a severe tongue-lashing by Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn. The Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2018 is a tax grab and akin to putting lipstick on a pig, he declared. As the Upper Chamber debated the measure sent up from the House […]

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Kerrie Symmonds

Symmonds: ‘Ban pre-trial publicity’

If Cabinet minister and attorney-at-law Kerrie Symmonds had his way, there would be no pre-trial publicity for any accused person in Barbados. Symmonds, Minister of Tourism and International Transport, made the suggestion to the House of Assembly in this afternoon’s debate on the Offences Against the Person (Amendment) Bill 2018, the measure to abolish the […]

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Dr Sonia Browne

‘Introduce lethal injection’, physician MP urges

A Government backbencher, a medical doctor, is urging her fellow lawmakers to introduce lethal injection as a method of execution and abolish hanging. St Philip North MP Dr Sonia Browne told the House of Assembly this afternoon that hanging is antiquated and could also result in the condemned person’s suffering. The measure was one of […]

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Cynthia Forde

‘Not in St Thomas!’

Member of Parliament for St Thomas, Cynthia Forde, has issued a ‘not in my backyard’ declaration to would-be killers: the central parish is not to be a dumping ground for murderers to dispose of their victims. She was at the time debating an amendment of the Offences Against the Person Bill 2018, which lawmakers passed […]

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Ralph Thorne, QC

MPs hold death bill

Lawmakers came as close as they have ever done to striking down a key provision of capital punishment, before putting a pause on the measure – the abolition of the automatic death sentence. The single-party Lower House withdrew the proposed amendment to the Offences Against the Person Act for further consideration by Government. The amendment […]

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