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Caddle: Kenyatta’s visit a step in the right direction

Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Investment, Marsha Caddle, has hailed Barbados’ recent moves to deepen ties with African countries as a step in the right direction. Last week Prime Minister Mia Mottley hosted President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta on a three-day State visit, almost two months after the Ghanaian leader Nana Akufo-Addopaid […]

Local group leads protest against U.S. stance towards Venezuela

The Friends of Venezuela Solidarity Committee in Barbados has joined forces with the World Solidarity Movement to demonstrate against the stance of the United States toward Venezuela. They met on Saturday at the Embassy of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Christ Church, chanting, “No, no President Trump!” Chargé d’affaires Alvaro Sanchez Cordero said that he believed […]

Verla Depeiza

‘New Dems’

Barbadians could start seeing the newest faces of Democratic Labour Party (DLP) representation within months, party President Verla DePeiza has promised. However, while numerous constituency branches have reportedly expressed interest in Depeiza’s representation and rumors have been swirling about whether she would opt to run in one of the party’s traditional strongholds, the former Government […]

Derek Alleyne

No time for DLP self-pity

Barbados needs a resurgent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the time has come for the members to stop feeling sorry for themselves, following the party’s historic loss in the 2018 polls, when the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) claimed all 30 seats,” says party stalwart, Derek Alleyne. Delivering the Astor B Watts lecture today, in partnership […]

Bishop Joseph Atherley

Forgive debts for the poor, says Opposition

Days after Government agreed to write off outstanding Value Added Tax (VAT) debts for private sector businesses and waive penalties and arrears, Opposition Leader Joseph Atherley is asking that similar concessions be granted to Barbadians finding it difficult to repay the Student Revolving Loan Fund. Atherley told Barbados TODAY that in light of the difficult […]

Senator Kay McConney

VAT debts write-off as amendments pass

The Labour Party administration has kept a mini-budget pledge made shortly after coming to power last year,  writing off outstanding Value Added Tax (VAT) debts from its first four years and waived their penalties and arrears. But an outspoken Opposition voice in the Senate condemned the amendment to the VAT Act as forgiving “criminals” for […]

Dwight Sutherland

Data Protection Act will ‘end abuse of digital lives’

The days of Barbadians’ data been misused are coming to an end, Minister of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce Dwight Sutherland, has pledged. The St George South MP promised that as part of the Data Protection Bill, Government will govern the collection of all personal data. Speaking this morning in Parliament, Sutherland said the bill […]

Colin Jordan

Minister: Govt is privacy watchdog

A Minister has declared it’s Government’s job to protect at all costs the privacy of the people who live here. Minister of Labour Colin Jordan made the declaration this afternoon as he gave support to the Data Protection Bill now before the Lower Chamber after being reviewed by a joint committee of House and Senate […]

Bishop Joseph Atherley

Costly change

A year and a half after the Barbados Labour Party assumed full control of Parliament, giving it the power to change the Constitution for Barbados to become a republic, a former member of the ruling party – now Leader of the Opposition – has broached the subject on the floor of the House of Assembly. […]

Ryan Straughn

Pensions promise

Government is not in a financial position to continue paying both National Insurance disability and pension benefits from the Treasury. But Minister in the Ministry of Economic Affairs Ryan Straughn has promised a new social security arrangement to prevent future pensioners from falling below the poverty line. On Monday, Straughn announced yet another delay for […]

Senator Kay McConney

Bill ‘of rights’

When the Data Protection Bill is a passed into law any individual will have the right to sue any entity for misusing their personal data without permission, the Minister for Information Technology has told the Senate. Senator Kay McConney was speaking as she wrapped up the debate on adopting the report of a joint select […]

Caswell Franklyn

Govt accused of taking advantage

Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn has accused the Mia Mottley administration of intervening in the sale of property on Bay Street to facilitate the Hyatt Centric Hotel development. Government has acquired land in Bay Street owned by Tiny Tots Ltd, and sought to vest it in the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc.    Speaking in the Senate […]

Ryan Straughn

Straughn reveals struggle with autistic son in emotional appeal

In an emotional revelation of the struggles of raising a son with autism, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn has delivered an appeal for support for parents of children with disabilities from the floor of Parliament. “My son, who… hasn’t spoken for the past nine years, Sir, as you are well aware, [is] […]

Santia Bradshaw

Expect delays on school repairs

Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw served notice in Parliament today that repair works at some schools may not be completed in time for the start of the new school year. During debate on a supplementary appropriation of $175,000 for the Ann Hill School, Bradshaw said that upon taking up office last year, her ministry has […]

George Payne

Lands for Hyatt project secured

Government has legally acquired lands at Bay Street, St Michael to be used for the Hyatt project. The resolution to approve the acquisition of land for the purpose of vesting in the Barbados Tourism Inc was passed in the Lower House today. “This resolution is to seek approval of the aforementioned land. We have had […]

Colin Jordan

MP wants Alma Parris reopened

St Peter MP Colin Jordan has called for the reopening of the Alma Parris School, which catered for children with learning difficulties. Speaking in Parliament during debate on a supplementary appropriation of $175,000 for the Ann Hill School, Jordan acknowledged that while reopening the St Peter school “will call for some good funds”, given the […]

Santia Bradshaw

‘Special education policy coming’, says Minister

A white paper on educating children with special needs, is to be approved by Ministers “within the next couple of months”, Education Minister Santia Bradshaw has announced. She told the House of Assembly today that a policy on special needs education has been in draft form for decades, and since taking up office she has […]

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