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GAIA to be expanded

Minister of Tourism Kerrie Symmonds says Government is seeking to expand Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) in a bid to accommodate more arrivals.

“We are now in an advanced stage of doing an agreement that would allow us to see 75,000 square feet of new floor space being built out at GAIA and that is like building a new airport and annexing it on to the existing one. [This] gives us an opportunity to see our capacity to handle arrivals move from the record level 687,000 to one million arrivals as quickly as possible thereafter,” he said.

The announcement was made during the Loyal Visitors Cocktail reception held at Blackwoods Screw Docks, Bridgetown over the weekend.

Symmonds also announced that government is closing an agreement with Lufthansa Airlines which would see 1,000 Germans coming into Grantley Adams International Airport.

“We are in the closing of a firm agreement with Lufthansa as they have started to load flights. We have not spent a dollar yet because our marketing commitments have not begun but we have 1,000 people coming out of Germany on Lufthansa with just the announcement. Three days weekly they will be bringing in traffic from Frankfurt,” he said. (LG)

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28 Replies to “GAIA to be expanded”

  1. It was during the Owen Arthur BLP Administration that the GAIA was constructed. It was beset with problems of leakage, especially in the departure area. That was another one of their poorly constructed projects. Let’s hope the BLP does not repeat its bungle this time around.The Christ Church sewage project was another one of their half-ass jobs; an many more already known.

  2. @STUPID JOHNNY; you crow that the Arthur adm. made two blunders, one with the leakage of the airport and the other with the sewage, the DLP came in and had 10 years and 90 days and did nothing to correct the problems so the BLP came back and righted them.

  3. If the building was not well done, the fault lie with the contractor and his workmen doing improper work, Johnny.

    The question is, would this be something you agree needs to be done or not.

    I personally think, more flights coming in is a win for Barbados.

  4. Some of you missed my point. Having bungled many many projects under Owen Arthur – and you all can name and count them – I am hoping the same thing does not happen to the new project. The government pays the contractors, so the government is responsible. And T.Seems, there is an old saying “Birds of a feather flock together”. Here you are with me stupid, on this site. You are very funny!

  5. Oh my! We started coming to Bim when Grantley was just a tiny place. Vending machines were the only choice of “food.” That was so long ago and far away, 1989 I think. And now we have booked our 2019 trip. We love you Bim!

  6. Mr Crow these people prove my point. they dont take time to read n understand as long as it seems as if u are not singing this govt praises they just attack without thinking

  7. Don’t forget to fix the WIFI problem up there at GAIA. While you are at it Sir, pay serious attention to the AFRICAN CONTINENT and have a serious talk with the people at ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES. We in the CARICOM need to have a flight to AFRICA.

  8. For a tourist destination our airport pales in comparison to for example Trinidad. Barbados for many years has been the international hub but there was no vision with the last expansion project. there is certainly enough land which we could even see 2 fully functional runways so hopefully such expansion will include such.

  9. That JOHNNY who also goes by the name of a CROW and who once commented on this forum as one ARCHY PERCH with every other comment about how IRENE SANDIFORD-GARNER was going to beat GEORGE PAYNE and using his favorite CROOKED BARBADOS LABOR PARTY phrase now wants to do DAMAGE CONTROL on his first comment.
    JOHNSON CROW…there was NO POINT TO MISS in your FIRST comment,,,it was absolutely CLEAR that it was YET ANOTHER ATTACK on ANYTHING that has BLP ATTACHED to it.
    What YOU,,YES YOU…ya CROW should have done was to used your SECOND comment instead of the first to release what was left in your CRAW overnight and your panties would not have been exposed.
    …..and true to form,another YARD FOWL the APOLITICAL PATTY comes on board BEFORE you yourself had time to redeem yourself not knowing if that first statement was self- explanatory there would have been no need to EXPLAIN what you said in the second.

  10. if this 1,000,000 capacity is not going to be maintained year round, there is no justifiable reason to expand the airport. it would probably be better to have more immigration officers who move around instead of being glued to a counter. i have seen and experienced this at MIA, LGW, LGA, etc. extra officers can be employed on a contractual basis when tourist numbers are up

  11. The airport is large enough if the flights were spaced. It is ridiculous the all the carriers arrive at the same time. I would hope the airport authorities could negotiate this with the carriers involved. It would not only provide a better experience for the passengers make more effective use of manpower but save a lot of expenditure of cash which could be used for more pressing problems.

  12. Once again bitting off more than one can chew! Past, Previous Governments always skip, hop, by pass, ignore the QEH and Geriatric Hospital. The two buildings are in great need of refurbishment.
    About time the entire Government visit both sites.

  13. @Johnny Crow, where on earth did you get this information about Leakages at GAIA, as far as i am aware and from what i have witnessed at GAIA Water came into the Departure area when it Rained because it was blown into that area because of the OPEN type Concept,not because the roof was leaking.
    The South Coast Sewage Project worked fine until the 10 Year rule of Fraudel Stewart and his merry band of Brigands, i guess you missed the factt that the down town part of the sewer system had trees growing out of the collectors which were working at less that 50% of it’s capacity, this impacted the South Coast part of the system, this was all rectified in just a few Months of this present Government.
    These are facts not diatribe.

  14. @Jamel Layne!!!There is absolutely no problems with Landings and Take offs of Aircraft, the Problem is iwth clearing the Arrival Lounge fast enough, the personell there have to be taught to act more expidiciously, question like why are you here etc are just wasting time, i Visited Holland and England and was in and out of Schipol and Heathrow in about 30 min. in each case, that included picking up my Baggage and Customs & Immigration, and i was travelling on a Barbados Passport on each Occasion, although i also had a Canadian Passport.
    we need to be more expeditious at the Arrival Lounge.

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