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Update: COVID-19 Protocols

We love sharing all of the wonderful things you experience when you are in Barbados. Right now, the island is on a short pause while we continue the fight against COVID-19. We can’t wait to welcome you back to our shores after this pause. In the meantime, check out the revised protocols that you will need to know in planning your next trip to Barbados.

Getting Here:

So, you are ready to book your flight, well before you do there are some things you should check out. You must have a negative PCR test to enter the island, which must be taken within three days before you arrive. It’s important to know where your country of origin ranks on the risk level; high, medium or low, this will impact your accommodation spend. Quarantine and monitoring will be determined based on your home countries risk level. If you are coming from a high-risk country you will be required to quarantine, and it must be at a government approved accommodation, which you have to book before you get here.

Travel day is almost here and you have taken your test, as soon as you get your negative test result head over to, where you will fill out your immigration form and upload your negative PCR test results.

On the day you travel, make sure you have your PCR test results with you, which you will present in order to board your flight and also present to officials when you arrive in Barbados.

On Arrival:

Make sure you have your mask on, as it is required in the airport. Your PCR test results will be examined, and you will undergo a health screening by medical personnel. After you are assessed, you will receive a colour coded wristband that indicates the risk level of the country you are coming from. (Please note these are not the monitoring bracelets that you will also receive.) For those required to quarantine and take a second test, you will be transported to your pre-approved accommodation by a trained COVID-19 protocols service provider. You must adhere to the quarantine protocols. During quarantine you are required to stay in your room at all times until you are cleared.

If you are required to quarantine and your second PCR test should come back positive you will be required to go to a government facility to isolate until you receive two consecutive negative PCR tests.

During Your Stay:

Once you are cleared to traverse the island, make sure to follow the protocols which are to social distance, sanitize your hands and wear your face mask.

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