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Be.B,Anne Evelyn – Spreading blessings with natural skincare

Be.B,Anne Evelyn has taken the phrase “love the skin you’re in” to heart and has created a local skincare line that allows those who use it to do exactly that.  The 22-year-old creator and owner of BeBlessed Beauty who had a great deal of challenges while in secondary school with acne and hyperpigmentation, started making skincare products four years ago while at the University of the West Indies studying Accounting and Economics.  Be.B,Anne started out doing it just for herself, family and close friends. “The first thing I ever made was a body butter, using shea butter and almond oil only. I shared it with my family and friends, and they loved it.” 

Realizing that this was something she really enjoyed, she started to do a great deal of research and took courses on skincare.  Two years later Be.B,Anne turned her passion into a business and launched BeBlessed Beauty.  “The name of the business is a combination of my name which is Beloved and Blessed and I did that because doing this is very personal for me, it comes from my heart and I get so much enjoyment from it. I started the business because I was driven to reach more people. I wanted to help people and make them feel good about their skin, it’s really rewarding.”  

Despite having a fulltime job as an auditor with an accounting firm and studying for her professional designation, Be.B,Anne put a great deal of time and love into her products and pours her heart and soul into her small business.  Synthetic is not an option for this naturalista and she insists on using unprocessed ingredients in her products.  “I keep the products as simple as possible because it’s effective, you get the best results over time with consistency.  People need to put the correct nutrients on their skin….your face will thank you for using products that are organic.”  The BeBlessed Beauty brand includes body butters, serums, facial moisturizers, soaps and body scrubs which can be customized to an individual’s preference.

Be.B,Anne’s Baked Almond Cookie Body Butter is a customer favorite and she has also created products for a facial regimen that include a honey and oat milk soap (ideal for people with dry skin and eczema), rose water toner, a serum and facial moisturizer.    


While COVID-19 has impacted sales, Be.B,Anne’s loyal customer base keeps coming back. “The response has been really positive and people are seeing improvements in their skin, they are glowing, they are seeing reduced pore size and skin that looks more youthful and nourished. I had one person contact me from overseas who was coming to the island on vacation and when she came, she bought everything.  She was so impressed with the products. I love my customers they really keep me motivated.” Be.B,Anne said she will eventually look to place her products with another retailer but for now everything is online, which has well worked for her.  The young driven entrepreneur has big plans for the future and is looking to expand her customer base regionally and open her own store and warehouse in the next three to five years.  If what she has created so far is anything to go by, it’s clear that the world will be beautifully blessed by what is to come.  

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